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February 2010


 Issue No. 25: Feb. 2, 2010

 Issue No. 26: Feb. 8, 2010

 Issue No. 27: Feb. 22, 2010

Volume XXXVII, No. 25: Feb. 1, 2010

College Welcomes New Director of Computer Services

Spring 2010 Student Opinion Survey

Anoka-Ramsey Community College Director Writes Leadership How-To

Anoka-Ramsey Community College Faculty Describes Need for Death Education for Children

Coffee House Entertainment Presents

Women's Softball Begins at Cambridge Campus

 Official Announcements

Pause for Appreciation


College Welcomes New Director of Computer Services

Anoka-Ramsey Community College recently welcomed Cynthia Baily as the new Director of Computer Services in the Information Technology Department.

Working at the Coon Rapids Campus, Cynthia will oversee the Computer Services staff and processes.

Cynthia comes to the position with a bachelor of science degree in Management Information Systems from St. Catherine University, having graduated with full Latin honors in 2006.  She has more than 10 years experience in IT with various public and private organizations, including the Minneapolis Community and Technical College and Capella University.

When asked why she came to Anoka-Ramsey, Cynthia says, "I enjoy working with people and processes.  Working in the Computer Services unit gives me the opportunity to work closely in both areas.  I also have a genuine passion for education and the learning process.  A wonderful combination for success."

A resident of Inver Grove Heights, Cynthia is a member of the Minnesota Boxer Rescue Association and currently has two foster boxers, Rocket, nine years old and Baron, three years old.  "They are sweet boys that certainly keep me on my toes!"

She would like her co-workers to know that she worked full-time and attended college as an adult.

"I believe this gives me a current unique understanding of the challenges that some students may face," Cynthia says.  "I draw on these experiences not just in my work life, but in my personal life as well.  I am delighted to be a member of the Anoka-Ramsey team!"

Welcome, Cynthia!


Spring 2010 Student Opinion Survey

The spring 2010 administration of the Student Opinion Survey at Anoka-Ramsey is coming soon.  The Student Opinion Survey explores enrolled students' satisfaction with programs, services and other aspects of their college experience.  Data collected through the survey assists the college in identifying areas for improvement and in understanding the impact of changes made to our offerings and student support services.

The survey will be administered in randomly selected classrooms over the months of February and March.  Faculty whose sections have been chosen will be notified in the coming week.  High levels of faculty and student participation are vital for ensuring that the survey is a success.  Thank you for your help in this effort to improve our understanding of Anoka-Ramsey students.


Anoka-Ramsey Director Writes Leadership How-To

Blundering Leadership: Missteps by School Administrators

By Anoka-Ramsey Community College Director of Program Development Tamara Arnott and Director of Minnesota State Office of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement Gayla Holmgren-Hoeller

"A book like Blundering Leadership only comes along once in a decade.  An easy-to-read summary gives leaders practical tips on leadership as well as case studies to challenge a leader's problem-solving skill.  This is a pragmatic tool for the novice and the more experienced.  You will never think about leadership in the same way again." says Joane W. McKay, Dean of Education, University of the Virgin Islands.

Often new leaders commit a series of missteps that create dissention and dissatisfaction, ultimately alienating staff.  This book is designed to steer future leaders and newly promoted leaders away from these missteps.  The authors share ideas to aid new leaders in making fewer mistakes that alienate constituents and subordinates and increase the likelihood of failure.  With severe financial problems and increasing diverse cultures and values, today's leaders face greater challenges and need to hit the ground running.  This book presents real-life leadership scenarios that resulted in negative outcomes; discusses missteps to avoid; reviews current leadership literature relevant to the scenarios; and provides leadership tips, tools and self-development exercises.

Cover of "Blundering Leadership: Missteps by School Administrators"


Anoka-Ramsey Faculty Describes Need for Death Education for Children

Losing a loved one can be particularly hard for children and adolescents.  Kathryn A. Markell, Ph.D., Psychology faculty at Anoka-Ramsey Community College, contributed a chapter on death education for children in a recently published book, "Children's Encounters with Death, Bereavement, and Coping."

"Current, filled with sound theory, wise clinical acumen, sound research, terrific resources, and a multicultural perspective, this book will be a necessary resource for clinicians and educators," says Kenneth J. Doka, Ph.D. from the College of New Rochelle and Senior Consultant at The Hospice Foundation of America.

Edited by Charles Corr, Ph.D. and David Balk, Ph.D., the book is intended to serve as a guide for care providers, including counselors, social workers, nurses, educators, clergy and parents who seek to understand and help children as they attempt to cope with loss.

Cover of "Children's Encounters with Death, Bereavement, and Coping"


Coffee House Entertainment

Coffee House Entertainment presents Sami Dare

Wednesday, Feb. 3, noon to 1 p.m.

Coon Rapids Campus, Courtyard Commons

Sami Dare's stage hypnosis show is the ultimate reality show - the audience provides the entertainment!

Sami's stage hypnosis programs explore the entertaining possibilities of the phenomenon we call hypnosis.  The show is hilarious fun for everyone! Members of the audience become stars of a wonderfully creative and hilarious romp through the imagination.  They become fisherman, racecar drivers and movie stars.  They eat ice cream cones, speak foreign languages, and may even forget their own names!  Because all hypnosis is truly "self hypnosis," the participants make it happen - not the hypnotist!  People always have fun.  Nobody is embarrasesed.  It's safe, funny and guaranteed to please.

Sami Dare was born in Minneapolis, Minn. and grew up in Virginia, Minn.  As a teenager, her family moved back to Minneapolis, and she's lived there since that time.  Sami graduated from Gistavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn. with a degree in Elementary Education.  When she became interested in hypnosis in 1991, she apprenticed on stage for two years with an established stage hypnotist, and studied hypnotherapy to become a certified hypnotherapist.  Sami has been performing on stage since 1993, in almost every state in the US, including Hawaii.

This event is sponsored by the Student Activities Office.


Women's Softball Begins at Cambridge Campus

Submitted by Athletic Director and Head Softball Coach, David Alto

Pitchers and catchers on the Cambridge Campus Women's Softball team held their first practice Tuesday, Jan. 19, and will continue to practice Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays through Feb. 11.  The first official full squad practice is Tuesday, Feb. 16.  All of these indoor practices are held at the Armed Forces/Community Center on the Cambridge Campus.

Currently there are 12 players on the roster, five who attended the Cambridge Campus and seven who attend the Coon Rapids Campus.

The season opens in Rochester the weekend of March 5, 6 and 7.

The team has been working extremely hard thus far, and I am very impressed with their desire to push themselves and each other every day.  I am very excited for the season to get started!

Watch for more updates on the new team, the first Cambridge Campus athletics team here and on the college Web site.

Go Rams!



Official Announcements

Action Items

  • Anthropology 2201: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Change a course, SS-01-FY10
  • Art 2241: Painting, Change a course, A-02-FY10
  • HIST 1189: Ancient and Midieval Warfare, Add an experimental courses, S-02-FY10
  • IHH 1300: The Aging Transformation: Issues for Consideration, Add a new course, IHH-05-FY10
  • IHH 2280: Holistic Hospice and Palliative Care Capstone Class, Add a new course, IHH-08-FY10
  • IHH 2285: Holistic Geriatric Care Capstone Class, Add a new course, IHH-09-FY10
  • Nursing Program, Change a program, N-02-FY10
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Program, Change a program, N-01-FY10
  • IHH-12-FY10 Holistic Hospice and Palliative Care, Add a program, IHH-12-FY10
  • Holistic Geriatric Health, Add a program, IHH-11-FY10


Pause for Appreciation

Send your submissions for next week's College Bulletin to Kally Kruchten.



Volume XXXVII, No. 26: Feb. 8, 2010

 Thoughts from Pat Johns

Two Speech Faculty Publish Health Articles

What's New in the Academic Support Center?

Official Announcements

Academic Affairs and Standards Council Agenda

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Pause for Appreciation


Thoughts from Pat Johns

Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Teaching Nominations

I am pleased to announce Anoka-Ramsey Community College's nominees for the Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Teaching:

  • Paula Croonquist, Biology (Coon Rapids)
  • Jennifer Liberty-Clark, Psychology (Cambridge)
  • Elizabeth Nist, English (Coon Rapids)

More than 230 students, faculty and staff submitted nominations, which clearly speaks to the impact that outstanding teachers can have on their students and their peers.

After an initial screening for eligibility (full-time faculty member with three years of service) and number of nominations, the nominating committee used a rubric-based process to evaluate the narrative evidence in the nomination based on the four selection criteria: Teaching strategies and materials; content expertise and professional growth; service to students, profession, institution and system; and standards for assessment of student learning and performance.  For the final selection, the committee reviewed professional development and service that had been institutionally documented.

Of the three college nominees, Paula Croonquist has elected to submit her teaching portfolio and be named to the Minnestoa State Colleges and Universities as an Outstanding Educator.  Please join me in congratulating all three of our nominees, and offering particular encouragement to Paula as she prepares her teaching portfolio for system review.

I would also like to thank the nominating committee for its work: Robert Daun, Student Representatives (Coon Rapids Campus); Dana Irgens, Dean of Arts & Letters; Mary Januschka, Faculty Development Chair (Cambridge Campus); Joan McKearnan, Faculty Development Chair (Coon Rapids Campus); Kim Lynch, Dean of Innovative Teaching & Learning; and Tony Tong, Student Representative (Cambridge Campus).


Staff Development Day

Retention: Together We Can!

Monday, Feb. 15, 2010 is Staff Development Day!

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Cambridge Campus

Anoka-Ramsey staff will be welcomed at the Cambridge Campus this year for a day filled with great options to suit your interests!  The day will begin with a continental breakfast followed by energetic keynote speaker, Dean Russell!  Following our keynote presentation, you will have the opportunity to choose from twelve different topics during the course of the day that can benefit your personal and/or professional life!  You may sign-up for these sessions by following the instructions provided in your email from Matt Begansky.  Lunch will be provided.  The day will end with department meetings with your supervisor, so start thinking "Retention" and how we can apply that in our individual departments!  Bus transportation will be available from the Coon Rapids Campus, leaving the campus at 8 a.m. and returning by 4:30 p.m. and sign-up can be made through Ed Norton.  If you wish to drive your personal vehicle to the Cambridge Campus, you may do so, but travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

If you have any questions regarding Staff Development Day, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Staff Development Committee members:  Jason Siems, Dan Harmon, Kathy Vieau, Brenda Smith, Ed Norton, Louise Duff or Marilyn Quarberg. 

It's going to be a great day!



Two Speech Faculty Publish Health Articles

Brenda Meyer and Lori Shoberg, both Anoka-Ramsey Community College Speech Faculty members, published separate articles in the January/February issue of "Lake Country Journal."

Brenda's feature article was titled, "Prostate Cancer."

Lori's article was titled, "Good Health is Golden."

Check out the articles by clicking on the titles to view the PDF.

Great work, Brenda and Lori!

If you have publications, awards or any news you would like to share with your co-workers, please email Kally Kruchten.


What's New in the Academic Support Center?

With another semester of increasing enrollments in chemistry, Humera Mujir (Coordinator, Academic Support Center) and Kelly Befus (Chemistry Faculty) set out to provide additional help for students enrolled in Interpretive Chemistry.  This semester, a record 540 students enrolled in Chemistry 1020.  Even though the Academic Support Center (ASC) is able to provide chemistry tutoring every hour that it's open, this just wasn't enough.  Introductory students need help with how to study chemistry.  For the first time, the Chemistry Department in conjuction with the ASC set-up structured study groups.  Students select a time from 10 possible study group sessions and attend them on a weekly basis.  The groups are conducted by peer-led tutors and their main purpose is to get students studying well before that first test. 

According to Humera, the ASC in under-utilized during the first few weeks of the semester.  Humera approached Kelly about setting up study groups spring semester to get students coming to the ASC before it became crowded.  According to Befus, "the incentive to join comes from the fact that just before tests, the ASC is packed, often it's the first time students go there for help.  If they do not have a good experience or they have to wait too long for help, they usually don't come back to the ASC.  The incentive for students who participate in the study group is a reserved time with a tutor." 

Students are asked to make a commitment to come on a weekly basis and the tutors make a commitment to help them in their group, even when the ASC becomes crowded.  Students still have the option of visiting the ASC at other times for help in chemistry, but the student groups are providing a fun way to dive into the course work and end up with a successful grade in the course. 

This semester, three tutors are running 10 study groups.  All the tutors have experience with helping students in Chemistry 1020 and understand their needs.  The study group tutors also participate in Befus' classes.  "Having the tutors in the class allows students to get to know the tutor and the student is more likely to seek help from a tutor if they have already met.  If I have a class with 72 students, it's a great help to have a tutor working one side of the room while I'm working the other side making sure the students are getting the help they need.  Students often do not want to admit in front of the whole class that they aren't getting the same answer I am on their calculator, but they don't mind raising their hand as we're walking around to ask for help."

Jackie Essig, Chemistry Tutor

Jackie Essig leads a study group for chemistry students in the Academic Support Center, Coon Rapids Campus 



Official Announcements


Decisions based upon discussions at the Jan. 25, 2010 FSGC Meeting:

  • Policy 3C.1 Class Size Administration is setting the maximum class size for the following classes: 

            ENG 2251             27


Academic Affairs and Standards Council
February 19, 2010

Members: Tamara Arnott, Jim Biederman, Gary Cook, Sandy DeMontille (alternate), Jennifer Friestad, Rosemary Hoolihan, Bruce Homann, Dana Irgens, Mary Januschka, Luanne Kane (alternate), Kristen Klamm-Doneen, Kim Lynch, Nora Morris (alternate), Deidra Peaslee, Patty Pieper, Jim Schoen, Mike Seymour (alternate), Deb Shepherd (alternate), Karl Wielgus

Expected Guests: Rhonda Kern, Jill Snippen

I.    January 22, 2010 Minutes were approved electronically.

II.   Tabled proposals from January meeting:

  • NURS 1283: Transisition to Professional Practice - Add a new course N-04-FY10 This course will ensure the unique needs of the LPN transition student are met while maintaining the credit limits of the program.  Rationale: This change is needed to syncronize the LPN Mobility program with the current two-year nursing program curriculum.  This course enables the LPN transition program to remain within the credit limits set by the college and meet the Minnesota Board of Nursing requirement for advanced standing.
  • NURS 2383: LPN Transition, Nursing Interventions - Add a new course N-05-FY10 This clinical course will ensure the unique needs of the LPN Transition student are met while maintaining the credit limits of the program.  Rationale: This change is needed to synchronize the LPN Mobility program with the current two-year nursing program curriculum.  This course enables the LPN transition program to remain within the credit limits set by the college and meet the Minnesota Board of Nursing requirement for advance standing.
  • NURS 1153: LPN Transition to RN - Delete a course N-06-FY10 Students admitted to this program will complete a new 2-cr LPN Transition to Professional Practice course (n1283).  Students will be concurrently enrolled in N1280 and 1281.  Rationale: This change is needed to synchronize the LPN Mobility program with the current two-year nursing program curriculum.
  • Nursing: LPN Mobility - Change a program  N-07-FY10 Students admitted to this program will complete an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Transition to Professional Practice course (N1283). Students will be concurrently enrolled in N1280 and N1281.  The second year of the program, the students will enroll in N2381, N2380 and a new clinical course N2383 designed for the LPN transition student (N2383). The fourth semester students will enroll in N2480, N2481 and N2482. Rationale: This change is needed to synchronize the LPN Mobility program with the current two-year nursing program curriculum.

III.  New Proposals:

  • CSCI 1102 Intro to Programming I - Delete a course CS-03-FY10 Drop course from curriculum.  Rationale: This course is no longer offered, the 2 AAS degree tracks are being merged.
  • CSCI 1103: Intro to Programming II - Delete a course CS-05-FY10 Drop course from curriculum. Rationale: This course is no longer offered, the 2 AAS degree tracks are being merged.
  • AS in Computer Science - Change a program CS-04-FY10 To meet the 60 cr. Mix as required; merge the 2 tracks into a single track; CSCI 1125 course name change; replace Bus 1119 w/CSCI 1155 in the elective requirements; remove the wellness requirement.  Rationale: Removal of the Wellness elective is required to meet the 60 credit maximum.  Merging of the two tracks into a single track was mandated from the program review findings that was completed during Fall 2009.  In addition, CSCI 1102 and CSCI 1103 have not been taught for over 4+ years and were included in a track.  This forced students students to file a petition to complete their degrees on the other CSCI Track.  This change will make it easier for students to plan their course of study.  Adding CSCI 1155 as an elective will be beneficial to students who are planning to transfer to the University of Minnesota.
  • Art 1142: Drawing II - Change a course A-15-FY10 Update Learner Outcomes and other course-related items. Rationale: Needed updating.
  • Art 1143: Intro to Figure Drawing - Change a course A-16-FY10 Update Learner Outcomes and other course-realted items.  Rationale: Needed updating.
  • Art 1144: Watercolor I - Change a course A-17-FY10 Update Learner Outcomes and other course-related items.  Rationale: Needed updating.
  • Math 0200: Beginning Algebra - Change a course M-01-FY10 Change Learner Outcomes: Grouped according to topic; merge outcomes 19, 21 and 25 into outcome 23; add new content coveraging geometry of solids.  Rationale: Needed updating.
  • Math 0200: Beginning Algebra - Change a course M-02-FY10 Change Learner Outcomes: Grouped according to topic; remove outcomes 13, 25 and 26; remove content coveraging geometry of sectors, pyramids, cones and spheres; add new content coveraging the simplification of complex fractions.  Rationale: Needed updating.

IV.   Discussion Items:

V.    Information Items:


College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Faculty Development Fund Approvals

  • Munir Alam, 3/17-20/2010, CCCC Annual Convention, $965
  • Catherine Bean, 4/15-29/2010, 28th Annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, $380
  • Susan Dunn, 1/13/2010, "Young at Heart" A Walker George Documentary DVD, $12.57
  • Kathleen Hoffman, 12/14/2009, How & Why Book, $31.95
  • Shannon Kirkeide, 3/7-13/2010, ICLC Site Visit, $850
  • Laura Migliorino, 2/10-14/2010, College Art Association Conference, $450
  • Melissa Mills, 2/25/2010, Third Annual Conference "Holistic Therapies: Renewing Ourselves and Others," $162
  • Fang-Yi Shen, Application Fee for AMF Music Festival, $100
  • Terese (Terri) Teeson, 2/4-7/2010, National Lilly Conference, $1,344.29
  • Terese (Terri) Teeson, 2/19/2010, Assessment for the Changing Learning Environment Conference, $295

Staff Development Fund Approvals

  • Juliana Boner, CEEN 915-01, 916-01, 918-01 Classes, $248
  • Juliana Boner, CNET 1101.91, 2105.30, 2112.90 Classes, $287.50
  • Valerie Knight, 5/19-20/2010, Frontline Conference, $162.26
  • Darin Nelson, COMM 1110.50 Class Textbook, $39.03
  • Ashley Weatherspoon, Ethics in Leadership Class, $600

Wellness Funds Approvals

  • Linnea Branstrom, $100
  • Jennifer Friestad, $100
  • Jeff Janas, $100


Pause for Appreciation

The Business Division would like to thank Anoka-Ramsey faculty and staff for their cooperation and flexibility during the Minnesota State High School Region 4 Business Professionals of America (BPA) Conference held on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010.  Approximately 230 local area high school students, instructors and business people attended the conference.  The area high school instructors expressed their sincere gratitude to the college for hosting this year's event.

Many people worked very hard to make this even successful.  Thank you to Lori Rodgers for coordinating many of the Anoka-Ramsey logisics for the conference and for working with Ravae Anderson to schedule the rooms for the conference.  Thank you to Dean Luann Kane for giving the Anoka-Ramsey welcome.  Thank you to Business faculty members Susan Eyre, Jennifer Friestad and John Mago for serving as judges for the high school contestants.  Appreciation is also expressed to Taher Food Service, and Anoka-Ramsey Information Technology department, administration, Bookstore, Central Services, Counseling, Library, Maintenance, Marketing, Security and Student Activities staff for their efforts in providing excellent customer service.  Finally, special thanks to the instructors who accommodated the room changes.



Volume XXXVII, No. 27: Feb. 22, 2010

Thoughts from Pat Johns

Pharmacogenomics: Personalizing Healthcare

Wellness Works Workshop: Self Defense

 Music Faculty Accepts Invite to Play with St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra

Winter Play Well Attended

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Pause for Appreciation


Thoughts from Pat Johns

Strategic Accountabilities Dashboard

It is my pleasure to announce the Anoka-Ramsey Community College's Strategic Accountabilities Dashboard.  The dashboard reflects how Anoka-Ramsey's Strategic Objectives directly align with the annual college Work Plan as well as MnSCU's accoutability measures.

Anoka-Ramsey's FY2010-FY2014 Strategic Objectives are as follows:

  • Excel at teaching, learning and learner development to improve learner success.
  • Cultivate relationships and partnerships that advance lifelong learning, quality of life and the college.
  • Provide programs and learning opportunities responsive to the needs of the community, employers and the state.
  • Be the college of choice.

The dashboard will be used to provide direct and transparent access to Anoka-Ramsey's progress toward our own Strategic Objectives, Work Plan goals and MnSCU's accountability measures.  The Institutional Research department has worked closely with Information Technology to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data included in the dashboard.  A public announcement will be made informing external constituents about the dashboard at the end of the month.

Please feel free to submit comments or questions to Nora Morris, Dean of Research and Evaluation.



Pharmacogenomics: Personalizing Healthcare

Please join your colleagues for a College Hour sponsored seminar by special guest Dr. Brian Van Ness, Associate Professor for the Genetics, Cell and Development Department and Director of Medical Genomics at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Van Ness will discuss the legal, social, ethical issues and implications of recent scientific advances in Pharmacogenomics; a pharmacology discipline that investigates the influence of genetic variation on patients' drug response.  Genomics based studies aim to optimize drug therapy, based on patients' genotype and promise the advent of "personalized medicine" to ensure optimal therapeutic response while minimizing adverse effects.

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2 to 3 p.m.

Coon Rapids Campus, B203


Wellness Works Workshop: Self Defense

The Wellness Works workshops are a fast and fun way to learn about your health.  We offer a variety of one-hour workshops that include physical activity, nutrition, weight management, mental and emotional well-being, injury prevention, tobacco cessation and more.

Self Defense

Thursday, Feb. 25

Cambridge Campus, 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., G201

Coon Rapids Campus, noon to 1 p.m., G108

Are there times you find yourself concerned about your safety?  In situtations where a woman fights back she gains an 86% chance of avoiding rape and injury.  Men have 22% higher rates of being victimized than women.  Victimization is gender blind, and self-defense is critical for both men and women to know.  With these types of statistics it is vital to equip yourself with the knowledge to defend yourself.  During this workshop, various defense techniques will be taught in a hands-on-manner.


Music Faculty Accepts Invite to Play with St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra

Music Faculty member, Richard Manik has been invited to play with the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra, Feb. 27 at 7:30 p.m.

Manik, a free-lance woodwind performer in the Twin Cities area and master soprano player, will be joining the orchestra in a performance of Bolero in the St. Cloud State University Auditorium.

Bolero begins with a repetetive theme that becomes increasingly complex as more instruments join in and others fade away.  Some of the wind and brass instruments are bassoons, contrabassoon, B-flat, E-flat and bass clarinets, flutes, oboe, piccolo, English horn, trumpets including the piccolo trumpet, trombones, tuba, the tenor saxophone, which Manik will play.

For ticket information, click HERE.

 Music Faculty Member, Richard Manik


Winter Play Well Attended

The winter play at the Coon Rapids Campus directed by faculty member Blayn Lemke, "The Robber Bridegroom," drew nearly 950 audience members during the first five nights of performances.

While students, faculty and staff receive two free tickets each, nearly 250 people purchased tickets.

The Director of Alumni Relations, Michael Wall, estimated more than 30 people stayed after the Saturday, Feb. 6 performance for the Alumni Night discussion.

The spring play at the Coon Rapids Campus is Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night,"  directed by faculty member Scott Ford. Performances will be April 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24.

For more information about upcoming events at both campuses of Anoka-Ramsey, visit the college Web site.

 The Robber Bridegroom


Don't Delay...Apply Today!!

Graduation Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester 2010: July 1, 2010
  • Spring Semester 2011: Nov. 1, 2010
  • Summer Session 2011: April 1, 2011

One time fee of $15 due at time of application.  Please encourage your students to apply!


College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Faculty Development Fund Approvals

  • Megain Briet-Goodwin, 1/26/2010, Book - Curriculum Studies Reader, $13
  • Marko Marian, 2/10-13/2010, College Art Association Conference, $844
  • Richard Perkins, 2/11-13/2010, Minnesota Music Educators Association Convention, $153
  • Timothy Wrenn, 3/10-13/2010, SIGCSE Conference, $1,708


Pause for Appreciation

Erica Richardson is an outstanding and very dependable student worker at the TDC.  I just overheard Erica answering a client's phone questions about CCNA training.  Erica gave very clear information on a complicated topic, and even mentioned another upcoming class for the client to consider.  When we need a "model" for a photo on the new Integrative Health & Healing banner, Erica stepped in.  Not only is Erica a great customer service representative for the TDC and the college, but she is our "go to" person when we need to organize materials for our grants.  Thanks, Erica, for helping the TDC to hum!

-Carole Fuller