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July 2009

 Issue No. 1: July 6, 2009  Issue No. 2: July 20, 2009

Volume XXXVI, No. 01: July 6, 2009

Thoughts from Pat Johns

Construction Project, Physical Plant Upgrades Maintain Distinctive Learning/Work Environment

NLN Program Highlights Standout Nurse Faculty

Anoka-Ramsey Promotion/Media Mix Facts from 2008-2009

Upward Bound Students at Cambridge Campus Get Tour of Career Future

Award of Excellence Blossoms in New Native Garden

Web Site Redesign Deadline Looming: July 23

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Pause for Appreciation

Thoughts from Pat Johns

Anoka-Ramsey Earns #10, #16 Ranking on MnSCU's Bonding Request to Legislators

The 2009-2010 legislative session will include decisions on a bonding bill that may provide funds for Anoka-Ramsey construction projects.  Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) is requesting $400 million for 31 projects around the state.

See full list here.

Anoka-Ramsey Community College has projects including within MnSCU's request:

  • Ranked #10, $5,357,000: Fine Arts Building Renovation, Coon Rapids Campus
    • Phase II renovation of Fine Arts Building classrooms and offices (Phase I completed July 2010).
    • Replace nearly 40-year-old building infrastructure including heading ventilation and electrical systems.
    • Increase access and improve instructional space for fast-growing fine arts programs.
    • Eliminate $1 million of deferred maintenance, including rerouting of a storm sewer to improve water quality in the adjacent Mississippi River.
    • Ranked #16, $16,484,000: Bioscience & Allied Health Addition, Coon Rapids Campus
      • Add spaces for bioscience programs, bachelor's degree programs from state university partners, and programs in health, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
      • Develop a nursing simulation lab to meet industry demands and pressure to provide clinical lab experiences.
      • Expansion of nusring includes a collaboration with Metropolitan State University to offer a bachelor of science degree in Nursing.
      • Project reserves space for upper-division S.T.E.M. programming offered by St. Cloud State University.
      • Space supports greater partnering with Anoka-Hennepin Schools and Bemidji State University in offering applied engineering curriculum.
      • Provides on-campus space for largest Physical Therapist Assistant program in Minn. (program currently housed in lease space).
      • Advances collaborations with medical technology firms.
      • The design, which was partially funded in 2008, will construct a 30,000 square-foot infill addition, taking advantage of three existing walls of the campus footprint for energy efficiency.
      • Ranked #1, Anoka-Ramsey also is part of the request for general repairs of current facilities for both campuses.


      Construction Projects, Physical Plant Upgrades Maintain Distinctive Learning/Work Environment

      Roger Freeman, Director of Facilities and the entire facilities staff develop and maintain buildings and grounds at the two college campuses that we can all be very proud of.  As Anoka-Ramsey expands and the original buildings grow older there is more work to be done than ever before.  Here is an update on upcoming projects.

       Visual Arts Center Building construction has progressed and a skeleton of the foundation has been set.  Photo taken July 2, 2009.  Roger Freeman, Steve Knight and Jim Nieswaag (from left) review plans for upcoming construction projects.



      NLN Program Highlights Standout Nurse Faculty

      Anoka-Ramsey Community College is pleased to announce that Pam Fauskee MSN, RN, CNE, has earned the designation Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) after

      meeting strict eligibility criteria and successfully completing a rigorous Certification examination developed by the National League for Nursing (NLN).

      Pam teaches in the first year of the nursing program at the Cambridge Campus.  She has worked hard to establish and maintain the excellence of nursing education.

      The NLN's Academic Nurse Educator Certification (ANEC) Program has conferred new visibility and stature upon the academic nursing community, long overdue, says Dr. Beverly Malone, CEO of the NLN.  "Through the certification program, we have made clear to the ranks of higher education that the role of nurse educator is an advanced professional practice discipline with a defined practice setting and demonstrable standards of excellence," Beverly commented.  "In years to come it is hoped that certified nurse educators will command higher salaries and be first in line for promotions and tenure."

      The newly certified nurse educators reflect the spectrum of their academic colleagues in the United States*:

      • Thirty-three percent hold doctoral degrees; the remainder master's degrees
      • Forty-six percent teach in baccalaureate or higher degree programs; 40 percent in associate degree programs; 9 percent in diploma programs; and 5 percent in practical nursing programs
      • sixty percent hold the rank of assistant professor or higher; 17 percent are full professors; 20 percent associate professors; and 23 percent, assistant professors
      • Thirty-six percent have more than 15 years experience as academic nurse educators

      With nearly half (46 percent) of nurse faculty projected to retire within the next decade and nearly three-quarters (72 percent) within 15 years, replacing them is of grave concern, notes NLN president Dr. Elaine Tagliareni.  "We must encourage more nurse faculty to prepare for certification as nurse educators so that our nursing schools can be staffed by academicians of the highest caliber.  Only in this way can excellence in nursing edcuation be ensured for another generation."

      In 2008, 662 nurse educators were awarded the CNE credential.  Since the unveiling of the program in fall 2005, 1,489 nurse educators representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia have

       become CNEs.

      *Demographic data reflects those who took the examination 9/28/05 through 3/31/08.

      Pam Fauskee


      Anoka-Ramsey Promotion/Media Mix Facts from 2008-2009

      News Articles: 655 Anoka-Ramsey news articles ran in various media outlets            Twitter Page: 64 Followers
      Print Ads/Radio Ads/TV Ads/Billboards 45 "College Bulletins" produced
      YouTube Channel: 24 Videos produced offering testimonials/event promotion  "Crossings" Magazine: Two versions, each were mailed to 28,000 constituents
      Facebook Ads: Produced 1680 click-thrus to our Web site "Achiever" Newsletter: Two versions, each were mailed to 300,000 households in service area
      Facebook Page: 396 Fans  


      Upward Bound Students at Cambridge Campus Get Tour of Career Future

       Anoka-Ramsey Community College Cambridge Campus Upward Bound students participated in an Industry Tour Day, June 26 to learn from local business leaders about upcoming careers in the area.

      Students traveled to various Cambridge and Isanti area businesses to learn how their current high school classes and future post-secondary education could apply to real-world employment.

      Leading students on the tours of their facilities, business leaders spoke about the post-secondary education necessary for potential careers within their businesses.

      During lunch, Cambridge Mayor, Marlys Palmer spoke about local career opportunities, the importance of staying in high school and the need for a college education.

      Organizers of this Upward Bound Industry Tour Day would like to thank community and business leaders for their participation in this event. 

      Sarah Anderson, Schlagel Inc.  Christel Halstensgard, Grace Pointe Heidi Oldander, East Central Veterinarians Dr. Rich Peaslee, Isanti Chiropractic 
      Jeff Andres, Isanti County News Keith Hansen, STAR Newspaper Greg Owens, Community Pride Bank Karla Sand, Anoka-Ramsey Community College Marketing & Public Relations Department
      Craig Bakken, Anoka-Ramsey Community College Continuing Education & Customized Training Department

      Shawn Kirkeide, Cambridge Fire Department

      Chief Dave Pajnic, Cambridge Police Department

      Sue Savarese, Community Pride Bank
      Jody Bryant, Willow Bridge Stg. Shawn Machin, Cambridge Police Department Marlys Palmer, Mayor of Cambridge Jeff Thrun, Team Industries
      Dave Carlberg, City of Cambridge Joe Morley, Community Pride Bank Karla Patrick, Cambridge Medical Center Donny Ziebarth, Cambridge Fire Department

      Shawn Kirkeide, Cambridge Fire Department, helps an Anoka-Ramsey Community College Upward Bound student into a fire-fighting uniform.

       Anoka-Ramsey Community College Upward Bound students explore the City of Cambridge Council Chambers.


      Award of Excellence Blossoms in New Native Garden

      A prairie garden, the brain child of Biology Faculty member Melanie Waite-Altringer, recently bloomed at the Coon Rapids Campus.  Located off the greenhouse along the science building, the garden joins the campus' Natural Area which also hosts some native plants.

      "The main goal of this project was to develop a native prairie plant area as a teaching and learning tool for an assortment of Biology courses," says Melanie, who received $5,500 through the Award of Excellence Grant program for the purchase of plants, the planting materials, the production of the area itself and the correlating Web site.

      "Having such ready access to the plants and descriptions, as well as online photos with detailed descriptions, will allow instructors and students both on-campus or online an up-close and personal look at native Minnesota plants.

      Unlike the college's 26-acre Natural Area, the prairie garden is entirely native prairie plants, and each plant is labeled with its name and description.

      The garden also includes student art work to enhance the area and provide students the opportunity to observe and study two different disciplines blending together in an academic atmosphere.

      Waite-Altringer, along with the Biology Department and Biology Club, is responsible for the maintenance of the prairie plot.

      For more information about the prairie garden, click here.

       Biology student, Anna Pesola, is part of the team managing the new prairie garden at the Coon Rapids Campus.  Staff and faculty are invited to view the new native plant garden, too.  Biology faculty member, Melanie Waite-Altringer was primarily responsible for securing the grant for the prairie garden, which will serve as an outdoor classroom for students.



      Web Site Redesign Deadline Looming: July 23

      Your Web Redesign Team and Web Content Experts around the college are working hard to meet the July 23 deadline for the new Web site.  However, since we want to ensure that all facets are fully functional, we will allow more time for all college staff and faculty to extensively review the site before making the switch public.  Keep in mind that the current Web site will NOT be accessible once we launch the new one.

      To ensure accuracy and full operation of the new site, we plan to extend the internal testing period for college employees from July 23 to Sept. 3.  We will make the Web site public at the end of the day Sept. 3.  This date was chosen to prevent disruption during the busiest time of year:  AUGUST!

      If you have any concerns about this deadline adjustment, feel free to contact any one of the team members:

      Todd Ames   Jeff Knight   Tina Perpich  
      Josh Anderson   Marko Marian   Karla Sand  
      Kim Bienfang   Cindy Nutter   LeAnn Snidarich  
      Mary Jacobson   Deidra Peaslee   Ed Wehling  
      Scott Wojtanowski


      College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

      Staff Development Approvals

      Brandy Eddings, Spring 2009, Tuition for Course, $381.63

      Orrin Nyhus, Spring 2009, MN IACLEA Membership, $100

      Wellness Approvals

      Angie Anderson, $100

      Dana Gangl, $100

      Annette Hughes, $100

      Deidra Peaslee, $100

      Mary Raeker-Rebek, $100

      Pause for Appreciation

      Thanks for the Memories (actually photos)

      The architectural firm that built the new infill project at the Coon Rapids Campus, ATS&R, was back to take photos of the fabulous outcomes of the project including the Student Lounge, the Legacy Room and the Courtyard.  Many people stepped-up to help these photos get shot (photos that will also be used for publications and to promote the college).  Bill Gedde came in early (5 a.m.) to meet the photographer; Jan Pomeroy opened doors and made contacts; Joyce Traczyk, Marcellus Davis, and Cindy Nutter located student volunteers; Robert Cancino, Jeff Knight, Kally Kruchten, Karla Sand, and Kelsey Schwarzrock jumped in the photos (you people looked fabulous); Skip Robinson and Myles Steinhauser from Technology provided support; and last, but certainly not least, Kirk Young swung into action toting instruments and arranging rooms.

      Thank you so much for your help and for making Anoka-Ramsey such a great place to work (and to go to school).

      -Tina Perpich



      Volume XXXVI, No. 02: July 20, 2009

      Thoughts from Pat Johns

      In Memoriam

      New Recruitment Mass Mailer in Your Mailbox

      New Course Search Tool

      Web Redesign Under Construction, For Review Starting This Week

      Anoka-Ramsey Community College Engineering & Physics Club Builds a Hovercraft

      Pause for Appreciation


      Thoughts from Pat Johns

      Affects of Increased Enrollment

      Financial Aid Office Workload Doubled

      The nubmer of financial aid applications has significantly increased, yet the number of employees in the Financial Aid Office has remained staedy.  I appreciate the hard work of our financial aid employees during these extremely busy times, especially under tight budget constraints.  Thank you!

      Pat Anderson   Jeanie Peck  
      Carole Guffey   Jennifer Semans  
      Cheryl Noreen   Karla Seymour  

      *Do you have numbers to share?  I would like to know more about how your department is operating with growing enrollment during this tough fiscal climate.


      In Memoriam

      As Published in the MnSCU, Board of Trustees Celebrating Excellence Program Wednesday, May 20, 2009

      Barbara Brown, mathematics instructor, Anoka-Ramsey Community College, was an Outstanding Educator nominated for the Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Teaching 2007.  She died on April 29, at her home.  Her teaching set an example for colleagues and had profound effects on students.  For all of them, she has left an enduring legacy.


      New Recruitment Mass Mailer in Your Mailbox

      A push to market the college and recruit new students was initiated the weekend of July 11, with a mailing to 350,000 households in our service area.  The publication that went out was formerly referred to as the "Achiever" but has a new format and is simply titled "Anoka-Ramsey Community College Fall 2009."

      This publication drives prospects to a landing page, to call x1240 or x1200, or send the hard copy "Ready for More" request by mail.  Incoming calls will be tracked by the Coon Rapids Information Center and the Continuing Education Front Desk.

      Please note that the publication uses each spread to break ou the college's buffet of academic offerings - each area is backed by a testimonial (in print and video).  Our value-added student resources and life outside the classroom offerings serve as the strong, unique selling proposition for those who may be unsure of which college to choose or whether to attend college or not.

      Tracking Response

      Web Visits

      The landing page has been viewed 230 times.  Most of these visitors are choosing to continue to the college Web site.

      Phone Calls

      The x1240 line has received 64 calls triggered from the mailer.  These are calls by people who have indicated they are calling about the mailer.


      The mass mailer (formerly the "Achiever") was conceived after a great deal of consultation and refining.  Thanks to those who took the time to better communicate the college offerings!

      Managing Editor: Tina Perpich

      Graphic Designer: Jeff Knight

      Video Editor: Karla Sand

      Distribution: Kally Kruchten, Darrel Kinkel and Ed Wilberg

      Content Ideation/Editing: Jaime Boretski, Sherry Butcher, Arun Goyal, Dana Irgens, Mary Jacobson, Luanne Kane, Kim Lynch, Cindy Nutter, Deidra Peaslee, Mary Raeker-Rebek, Melissa Schultz, LeAnn Snidarich, Jill Snippen and Joyce Traczyk



      New Course Search Tool

      In an effort to better meet the needs of adult learners who have requested more flexible options to meet their busy schedules, Anoka-Ramsey has made it easier for prospects and students to search for courses.  Take a look at the Web page and check out the various search options.

      Choose Courses:

      • At the Cambridge Campus
      • At the Coon Rapids Campus
      • At Off-Campus Locations
      • By Start Date
      • Online-only
      • Web-enhanced
      • By Start Time
      • By Advanced Degree

      Kudos to Tamara Arnott, Todd Ames, and Josh Anderson for making this a reality!


      Web Redesign Under Construction, For Review Starting This Week

      Your Web Redesign Team and Web Content Experts around the college are working hard to meet the July 23 deadline for the new Web site.  Many areas are still under construction.

      Since we want to ensure that all facets are fully functional, we will allow more time for all college staff and faculty to extensively review the site before making the switch public.  Keep in mind that the current Web site will not be accessible once we launch the new one.

      To ensure accuracy and full operation of the new site, we plan to extend the internal testing period for college employees from July 23 to Sept. 3.  We will make the Web site public at the end of the day Sept. 3. This date was chosen to prevent disruption during the busiest time of the year: AUGUST!

      Todd Ames   Jeff Knight  Tina Perpich
      Josh Anderson   Marko Marian  Karla Sand
      Kim Bienfang   Cindy Nutter  LeAnn Snidarich
      Mary Jacobson   Deidra Peaslee  Ed Wehling
           Scott Wojtanowski


      Anoka-Ramsey Community College Engineering & Physics Club Builds a Hovercraft

      The extremely cool Engineering & Physics Club from Anoka-Ramsey demonstrated their recently constructed hovercraft, July 13, for a crowd of students, employees and family members.  The club members and advisors explained the process of building the out-of-this-world vehicle and then flew it around the soccer field at the Coon Rapids Campus.

      "During my involvement with the Engineering & Physics Club, I have come to realize the abilities, knowledge and character each member has," says club president, Richard Thompson.  "I believe the hovercraft project represents the high level of academics and character found at Anoka-Ramsey, and promotes the discipline of physics to a broader audience."

      The club was challenged with building a Universal Hovercraft kit UH-10F, which is five feet wide and 10 feet long.  Their skills in engineering, physics, aerodynamics, bluprint reading and composite construction were all called upon, as well as their team and leadership skills.

      Phase two involves evaluation of the craft and discussion of possible uses, such as competitions, sale or its use as a means to promote physics.

      More About Hovercrafts

      A hovercraft, or aircushion vehicle is a craft designed to travel over any smooth surface supported by a cushion of slow moving, high-pressure air, ejected downwards against the surface below, and contained within a "skirt."

      Hovercrafts are used throughout the world as a method of specialized transport where there is a need to travel over multiple types of surfaces.  Because they are supported by a cushion of air, hovercrafts are unique among all forms of transportation in their ability to travel equally well over land, ice and water.

      Small hovercrafts are often used for sport or passenger service, while giant hovercrafts have been built for civilian and military use to transport cars, tanks and large equipment into difficult or hostile environments and terrain.

      Hovercrafts can be powered by one or more engines.  Small crafts, such as the one Anoka-Ramsey students built, have one engine.  On larger vehicles with several engines, one usually drives the fan, or impeller, which is responsible for lifting the vehicle by forcing high pressure air under the craft.


      (from back left) Bill Saari, Engineering instructor, David Corgan, Richard Thompson, Zach Berg, Dierk Hofreiter, Physics instructor and Francis Schneider.



      Pause for Appreciation

      "Just wanted to say thanks for arranging an interview with Sherry Butcher.  She was delightful and a great person to speak on camera.  Just what my story needed.  Thanks again!"

      -Stephanie Ring, Producer/Reporter; CTN Studios-Channel 15 City of Coon Rapids