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May 2011

Issue No. 39: May 2, 2011                                            Issue No. 40: May 9, 2011


Volume XXXIX, No. 41: May 23, 2011

News from President Jessica Stumpf

Faculty Member Bill Breen's Work at GracePointe Crossing

Women's Softball Team Grabs 2nd Place

Retirement Celebrations

Bookstore Hours for Summer

Honored Faculty Member Kelly Befus

Birth Announcements

Pause for Appreciation

College of Choice for Faculty & Staff

Official Announcements


News from President Jessica Stumpf

The invigorating commencement ceremonies at each campus topped off an exhilarating year at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. It is my distinct pleasure to thank you all for your extremely hard work and dedication to the students of this superb college! As Senator Klobuchar stated in her address to our graduates, Anoka-Ramsey truly is a “shining example” of a two-year college preparing students for success. I am honored to be part of this organization  and privileged to have the opportunity to continue to work alongside you to provide creative, effective teaching, learning and services to our learners.

As we begin to move ahead with the 2011-12 year, the alignment with Anoka Technical College, shifting enrollments, tight budgets, and another presidential search will be at the forefront of all of our minds. Internal communication will be key during this time of transition. Be sure to read the college bulletin online and watch the college Web site for updates. Also, your questions are always welcomed!

I look forward with enthusiasm to another year as your Interim President.

- Jessie Stumpf 

Faculty Member Bill Breen’s Work at GracePointe Crossing

In 2008, English Faculty member Bill Breen volunteered to teach poetry writing to residents of GracePointe Crossing in Cambridge. This project became part of a service learning opportunity in Bill’s Intro to Creative Writing course. After four or five poetry classes with the residents at GracePointe, college students compile the poems and print a book.

One resident, Ruby Wicklund participated in these poetry offerings. Here is a note about Ruby from Sharon Crawford, Director of Volunteer Services, GracePointe Crossing:

“I just wanted to let you know that Ruby passed away. Her funeral was yesterday. Her family asked that her poem, “These Hands,” be read during the service. Ruby really enjoyed and looked forward to you and the students each time you offered the poetry class. She said Life began again for her at age 85 when she started writing poetry and using email. I cannot say it enough…thank you for sharing your talents, your students, and your time with our residents.”


More Than 200 Move Through Science Express 




Students from Hoover Elementary took part in some science experiments at the
Science Express event, May 20.


Vice President Mike Seymour welcomed Congressman Erick Paulsen to the Science Express event.


Women’s Softball Team Grabs 2nd Place

Submitted by Dave Alto

Congratulations to the Women’s Softball team on their 2nd place finish at the MCAC State Tournament this past weekend in Cloquet! The team defeated the #3, #2, and #1 ranked teams in the state on the way to their 2nd place finish. The team competed in the Regional Tournament Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13 in Willmar and the winner advanced to the National Tournament in Rochester.

This is the 3rd Anoka-Ramsey Women’s Athletic Team to qualify for the Regional Tournament this year.


Retirement Celebrations

Retirement parties at Anoka-Ramsey Community College brought out fun stories and crazy antics this year. Congratulations to those retiring Spring 2011 - Patty Wheeler-Andrews, Cindy Nutter, Evelyn Gedde, Charlie Lancrain, Gerald Gelle, Bill Gelle, Phil O’Donnell and Liz Nist. You will be missed!



Retiree Phil O'Donnell is honored by President Jessie Stumpf.
Retiree Evelyn Gedde awarded her service plaque by
President Jessie Stumpf from the State of Minnesota.



 Retiree Cindy Nutter is seranaded by Jill Harrison and friends.

Cambridge Campus and Coon Rapids Campus Bookstore Hours over Summer Break

Starting May 16, 2011, both Cambridge and Coon Rapids bookstores will be open:

Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 5:00pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed

Extended Hours, May 31 - June 10:

7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (M-TH)
7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (F)
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Saturday, June 4

Both bookstores will be closed:

  • May 30
  • June 28-30
  • July 4


Honored Faculty Winner Kelly Befus 

Submitted by Jim Biederman

I am pleased to announce that Kelly Befus is this year’s recipient of the Honored Faculty Member award from the Coon Rapids faculty association. Kelly is being recognized for her outstanding dedication and service to the college and the faculty association. She will receive a plaque and an honorarium at our first faculty meeting in the fall.


Birth Announcements



English Faculty member Greg Rathert and his wife, Sarah,
became proud parents to
Colby Orion Rathert, born May 17. 
Colby weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz. and measured 21 inches.

Congratulations, Greg, from your Anoka-Ramsey family! 


Music Faculty member, Richard Joseph and his wife, Sarah,
became proud parents to
Ralston Lawrence Joseph, born May 18. 
Ralston weighed 8.5 lbs and measured 21.5 inches.

Congratulations, Richard, from all of us at Anoka-Ramsey!



Pause for Appreciation 

A very sincere THANK YOU goes out to all my colleagues at the Cambridge Campus for many, many years of special camaraderie. The faculty appreciation picnic this afternoon was indicative of the family ties we all experience here.

As my retirement becomes a pathway to even more exciting and different endeavors, I will remain in your gratitude for a wealth of experience to guide me along. Wonderful friendships developed here have blessed my life in so many ways. You're the best!

THANK YOU ALL! Au revoir.

- MaryAnn David


Thank you to the following people for their efforts in helping to plan the Science Express event running May 14 – 20.  This event wouldn’t be possible without their hard work, resources and dedication.

Dave Alto
Juliana Boner
Allan Calendar
Evelyn Gedde
Mary Jacobson
Kim Lynch
Ed Norton
Tina Perpich
Rachel Salmi
Mike Seymour
Lisa Sisson
LeAnn Snidarich
Jenni Swenson
Michael Wall
Melanie Waite-Altringer
Sherri Wickstrom

- Natasha Baer


Dear Faculty,

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to volunteer to help students at the Academic Support Center (ASC). Your help and support during the exam crunch time was greatly appreciated. It was wonderful to have Mark Omodt, Keven Dockter, Jennifer Bluth, Adam Krenelka, Nina Bohrod and Lisa Houchins from the Math Department and Kelly Befus, Chris Lutz, Kevin Roesselet, Vicki McMurdo and Patty Pieper from the Chemistry Department volunteering in the ASC during finals week in the absence of peer tutoring. Having people with your knowledge and experience to confer with has made our students feel much more confident in this stressful week. Our students and staff appreciate your time, effort and generosity.

Our students said, “It was wonderful to work with different faculty and get a different approach at explaining the same concept.”  This made it easier for the students to get a grip of the concept and also absorb the knowledge better.

It was fun to see the students huddle with the different instructors that they might not have rubbed shoulders with before. Mark Omodt came for his early Monday morning shift at 8 a.m. Kevin Roesselet, Chemistry 1062 faculty, helped students late into Monday evening. It appeared that he did not want to go home only to show up again in ASC on Tuesday. Keven Dockter worked with students on Math on one side of the room while Kelly Befus helped chemistry students on the other. Chris Lutz and Jen Bluth did their bit by giving two hour chunks to student support. Adam Krenelka, Nina Bohrod and Lisa Houchins came as a group to help students in the ASC. They worked with diverse groups of students at different tables and must have experienced what the tutors face here every day. Patty did her solo for chem. student support on Wednesday.

Thanks for your cooperation with our staff throughout the semester; I look forward to having the opportunity to working with you next semester.

Again, thank you very much for your time and for your consideration.  Have a great summer!

- Humera Mujir


Thank you, Anoka-Ramsey, for the retirement gathering May 5, with special thanks to Jennifer Willcutt, Scott Stankey, and Dana Irgens for their comments and kind words.

Thank you, Anoka-Ramsey, for 33 years and nearly 10 months of teaching and learning opportunities and challenges, professional development experiences, and interactions with such diversity of cultures and perspectives.

Thank you, Anoka-Ramsey, for the insights, ideas, and innovations in both 20th and 21st century education.

Thank you Anoka-Ramsey for your generosity in gifts, cards, comments and support over these decades.

As I write to my students, "Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep learning."

- Patty Wheeler-Andrews


I would like to thank everyone who helped at the graduation ceremony on Friday evening. It was a huge success and I would not have been able to do it without so many people's dedication to the moment! The incredible commitment from everyone, both faculty and staff was overwhelming, everyone coming together to make the ceremony a special moment for each and every one of our graduates.   


- Ravae Anderson


I would like to thank everyone how came to my retirement party and a special thanks to Jennifer for all her hard work and planning the party. I would also thank everyone for the Menards gift Certificate and the cards.

- Charlie Lancrain


College of Choice for Faculty & Staff 

Faculty Development Fund Approvals

  • Elizabeth DiFabio, 5/19/2011, Creative Strategies for the Nurse Educator Conference, $179
  • Colleen Snell, 5/19/2011, Creative Strategies for the Nurse Educator Conference, $202
  • Leda Holder, 5/19/2011, Creative Strategies for the Nurse Educator Conference, $179
  • Linda Miller, 4/13-15, 2011, Health Educators Conference: Rethinking Nursing Education, $300
  • Mary Januschka, Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Membership, $90
  • Lance Lund, 5/20-21, 2011, 2yc3 Conference and Executive Committee Meeting, $447
  • Deborah Shepherd, 4/6-10, 2011, 2011 SACC Conference, $900
  • Fern Deno, Books, $394
  • Adam Krenelka, 4/28/2011, MinnMATYC Conference, $362
  • Christina Sonnek, 4/28-30, 2011, MinnMATYC Conference, $303
  • Ken Grace, 4/28-30, 2011, MinnMATYC Conference, $415
  • Jen Bluth, 4/28-30, 2011, MinnMATYC Conference, $220
  • Melissa Mills, Spring Semester 2011, IHH 2100 Conference, $64
  • Christopher Lutz, American Chemical Society Membership, $166
  • Dave Hays, 3/5/2011, POGIL Workshop, $206.93
  • Bonnie Boese, 4/29/2011, MLA Academic Librarian’s Conference, $80
  • Wendy Zins: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Health Fitness Specialist renewal, $45, 40 ACSM self-study continuing education credits, $200, MCHES Experience Documentation Opportunity, $200, 12 Continuing Education Credit – American Association for Health Education, $48
  • Megan Breit-Goodwin, Course: Statistical Methods 1: Probability and Inference, $693
  • Paul Anderson, 6/5-11, 2011, NEH History Workshop, $380
  • Linda Janke, 6/9-12, 2011, Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, $866

Staff Development Fund Approvals

  • Simon Whitney, May 18-19, 2011, Frontline Conference, $162
  • Brenda Rustad, May 18-19, 2011, Frontline Conference, $162
  • Skip Robinson, May 18-19, 2011, Frontline Conference, $162
  • Sue Groves, May 18-19, 2011, Frontline Conference, $162
  • Ryan O’Donovan, 2/18/2011, ACT State Organization Annual Conference, $75

Wellness Fund Approvals

  • Louise Duff, $100
  • Valerie Knight, $100
  • Lisa Boxwell, $100
  • Dawn Bushman, $100
  • Jennifer Hennen, $100
  • Valerie Lis, $100
  • Mary Jacobson, $100
  • Shawn Johnson, $100
  • Michelle Rogers, $100
  • Katie Vaccari, $100
  • Ed Wilberg, $100


Official Announcements 

April 2011 Items approved by AASC and Interim President Stumpf, moved to action:

  • ASL 1101, American Sign Language and Culture I, Change a course, H-16-FY11
  • ASL 1102, American Sign Language and Culture II, Change a course, H-17-FY11
  • BUS 1125, Business Accounting, Change a course, B-02-FY11
  • BUS 1140, Applied Accounting, Add a new course, B-04-FY11
  • BUS 2150, Innovative Leadership, Suspend course, B-05-FY11
  • BUS 2152, Principles of Lean Methodologies, Suspend course, B-05-FY11
  • BUS 2154, Leading in a Lean Organization, Suspend course, B-05-FY11
  • BUS 2160, Coaching for Continuous Improvement, Suspend course, B-05-FY11
  • BUS 2255, Computerized Project Management, Suspend course, B-05-FY11
  • BUS 2285, Leadership Synthesis Project 1, Suspend course, B-05-FY11
  • BUSINESS PROGRAM, AS Accounting, Change a program, B-06-FY11
  • BUSINESS PROGRAM, Retail Management, Change a Program, B-08-FY11
  • BUSINESS PROGRAM, Small Business Accounting, Change a program, B-07-FY11
  • ENGL 2202, Introduction to the Study of Literature, Change a course, E-05-FY11
  • ENGL 2251, Introduction to Play and Screenwriting, Change a course, E-04-FY11
  • ENGL 2281, The Writer's Life: Publishing, Proposals, and Grants, Add a new course, E-03-FY11
  • ENV SCI 0, Program Review, Program Review, PR-01-FY11
  • MUSC 2145, Chamber Ensembles, Change a course, H-19-FY11
  • NURS 2481, Holistic Nursing Care II, Change a course, N-10-FY11
  • PHIL 1105, Introduction to Logic and Critical Reasoning, Change a course, H-12-FY11
  • READING Policy, Change a policy, ES-03-FY11
  • PSYC 2120, Psychology of Women, Add a new course, SS-04-FY11
  • SWED 1104, Beginning Swedish I, Delete course, H-18-FY11
  • SWED 1105, Beginning Swedish II, Delete course, H-18-FY11
  • SWED 1106, Beginning Swedish III, Delete course, H-18-FY11
  • SWED 1111, Introduction to Swedish Culture, Delete course, H-18-FY11
  • SWED 2200, Field Study Abroad, Delete course, H-18-FY11


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Volume XXXIX, No. 40: May 9, 2011

 News from President Jessica Stumpf

Coon Rapids Campus Faculty Election Results

Student Awards Ceremony

Kid U Needs You!!  Supplies Needed for 2011

Wellness Works Fund Requests Due June 1

Pause for Appreciation

College of Choice for Faculty & Staff

Academic Affairs & Standards Council Minutes


News from President Jessica Stumpf

FY 2011-2012 Furniture & Supplemental Equipment Lists 

Cambridge Campus Administrative & Educational Services
Equipment List FY 2012






Cumulative Total

1 Physical Plant Freeman  Carpet Extractor 



2 Nursing Eccles/Giese  (4) Cogent Hospital Training Headwalls 



3 Nursing Eccles/Giese  (2) Hospital Beds - refurbished (replacing current) 



4 Institutional Bienfang  12-passenger van 



5 Technology Lynch Admin. rotation PCs (15) 



6 Technology Lynch Server - local File/Print and IPcelerate ENS paging



7 Food Service Smith Freezer: 1 door; multi-shelf; 24.2 cubic feet



8 Administration Lynch Admin. ITV system upgrade - E202



9 Nursing Eccles/Giese Medication Dispensing Unit



10 Nursing Eccles/Giese (2) Hospital Beds - refurbished (adding)



11 Technology Lynch Digital Signage update for F & G



12 Technology Lynch D9022 MPEG - 2 Encoder






Coon Rapids Campus Administrative
Equipment List FY 2012






 Cumulative Total

1 Central Services Lynch  Wide format printer (poster) 



2 Technology Lynch  Blade server; DB, exchange, print 



3 Administration Lynch  Admin. ITV system upgrade - Mississippi Room 



4 Technology Lynch  Admin. rotation - PCs for Info Center/Operator (5)



5 Technology Lynch Digital Signage Expansion (3)



6 Technology Lynch Admin. rotation - PCs for PTC/Klein Bank (12)



7 Technology Lynch Admin. rotation - PCs for Educational Services Support - C266 (4)



8 Technology Lynch Admin. rotation (5) - PCs for Admissions (3), Library (1), HPER/Athletics (1)



9 Central Services Lynch Cutter/Creaser/Slitter



10 Technology Lynch D9022 MPEG - 2 Encoder






Coon Rapids Campus Educational Services
Equipment List FY 2012

Priority Department  Person Item(s) 


Cumulative Total

1 Biology Lab Swenson  Microscopes - replacement 



2 Physics Lab Swenson  Analytical Balance for Chemistry 



3 Theatre Irgens 

Lighting Control Console for PAC 



4 Biology Lab Swenson Incubator - replacement 



5 Nursing Eccles/Giese  Gogent Hospital Training Headwall 



6 Music Irgens Studio piano (2) - student life will be purchasing 2 more pianos for a total of 4



7 PTA Baer/Lentner Short wave diathermy machine



8 Biology Lab Swenson Inverted Microscope



9 PTA Baer/Lentner Game Ready Unit with ankle & knee compression sleeves



10 PTA Baer/Lentner Mettler Sonicator Plus 930 (therapeutic equipment)



11 Biology Lab Swenson CO2 Incubator






Cambridge Campus
Furniture List FY 2012

Priority Department  Person Location  Item(s)


 Cumulative Total

1 Physycal Education/Health  Kane  G202  Wire security storage trucks



2 Instructional Administration  Peaslee/Irgens  F217  Chair (2)



3 Tutoring ABE - CC ASC  Raeker-Rebek  D208  Workstation (corner post, panel & wall mount)



4 Tutoring ABE - CC ASC  Raeker-Rebek  D208  Workstation (panel, 24 x 24 counter, and corner post)



5 Art  Irgens  F103  Ware truck cart



6 Art Irgens F103 Glaze table



7 Business Office Bienfang D223 Chair



8 Financial Aid Seymour D216 Chair



9 Records/Registration Forrer CC253 High-rise chair; Impress Ultra Stool



10 Tutoring ABE - CC ASC Raeker-Rebek D208 Workstation - new for testing coordinator to enhance the confidentiality & usability of the workarea; (corner posts, 5 panels, mobile file cabinet, countertop, corner workservice area, and 3 rectangle tables)



11 Art Irgens F103 Wedging table



12 Art Irgens F103 Mobile studio cart with 3 shelves



13 Nursing Eccles E241 Locking Metal Cabinets






Coon Rapids Campus
Furniture List FY 2012

Priority Department  Person  Location  Item(s) 


Cumulative Total

1 (tie) Music  Irgens F212/215/205  Auralux acoustic panel 



1 (tie) Business Office Bienfang SC252 Cubicle Panels - payroll & accounts payable



2 Buildings & Grounds Freeman As Needed 10 folding tables for spring/fall picnics & other campus events



3 Music Irgens F212 50 musician chairs w/ folding table arms (plus shipping/handling - $682) 



4 Diversity Nutter SC178 Tables (2) and chairs



5 Record/Registration Forrer SC250 2-Drawer & 4-Drawer cabinetry



6 Bookstore Smith Bookstore 6 office chairs



7 Music Irgens Total Room Carpet/area rugs & full-length mirror for voice studio 



8 Music Irgens F219 Furniture - 2 sofas, 6 lounge chairs, 4 end tables, 2 study chairs, 6 study chairs 






Coon Rapids Campus Faculty Election Results

Submitted by Jim Biederman

I am happy to announce the results of our local election, held over the past two days.  The results are attached as a memo and cut and pasted below:

President                                                                             Vice President
Kelly Befus
(Chemistry)                                                          Tim Wrenn (Computer Science)

Secretary                                                                             Treasurer
Kevin Roesselet
(Chemistry)                                                   Bill Saari (Engineering)

Part-Time Faculty Liaison
Rita Newton

Faculty Shared Governance Council
Kelly Befus
(Chemistry—Chair)                                                  John Hennen (Counseling)                    
Tim Wrenn (Computer Science)                                                Lance Lund (Chemistry)
Melissa Bergstrom (Music)                                                      Melissa Mills (Biology)
Jim Biederman (Psychology—Grievance rep.)                               Paige Riehl (English)    
(Keven Dockter and Dierk Hofreiter—Alternates)

Academic Affairs and Standards Council
The eight members of the AASC will be selected by faculty president, Kelly Befus.  The following faculty members were endorsed for selection:
Jim Biederman (Psychology)                                                    Kirsten Olsen (Sociology)
Gary Cook (HPER)                                                                  Patty Pieper (Chemistry)
Bruce Homann (History)                                                          Deborah Shepherd (Anthropology)
Kris Klamm-Doneen (Philosophy)                                              Scott Wrobel (English)  
(Adam Krenelka and Jennifer Wilcutt—Alternates)

Faculty Development Chair (first year of two-year term)
Laurie Wolfe (Psychology)

Faculty Development Committee
Blayn Lemke
(Theatre)                                                          Joan McKearnan (Biology)
Lisa Lentner (PTA)                                                                Kendra Miller (Psychology)

Art Committee Chair
Laura Migliorino

Delegates to the Delegate Assembly (Jill Gromberg, Joan McKearnan, Melissa Mills, and Tim Wrenn will serve the second year of their two-year terms next year)
Jim Biederman (Psychology)                                                  Al Mamaril (Library)
Linda Janke (History)                                                            Robbie McDonald (Business)
Blayn Lemke (Theatre)

Technology Advisory Committee
Corey Blommel
(Computer Networking—second year of two-year term)
Don Omundson (Spanish—first year of two-year term)

Coon Rapids MSCF Executive Committee
Kelly Befus
(chair), Tim Wrenn, Kevin Roesselet, Bill Saari, Rita Newton, Laurie Wolfe, Jim Biederman (grievance rep.)


Student Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the students who received awards at the Student Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 4, 2011!


Kid U Needs You!!  Supplies Needed for 2011

For the past 17 years Anoka-Ramsey Community College has been honored to host Kid U/College for Kids & Teens, a fabulous summer program where every year more than 1,000 students ages 5 -17 participate in courses and programs that ignite their imagination and expand their learning!  From science and math to fitness and the arts, students engage in challenging and positive learning experiences on both the Coon Rapids and Cambridge campuses.  Kid U has become a tradition of excellence with many students returning year after year.

Kid U asks every year for supplies you may have laying around your house.  This year the list is quite long and any items you can give are much appreciated.  Items may be dropped off at the Professional Training Center at your convenience.  Thank you in advance for your support!

  • 2’ x 2’ cardboard without fold
  • 1 ft. – 2 ft.  cardboard pieces (20- 30 needed)
  • Nestle Quick Containers (yellow plastic ones)
  • Small jars:  like jelly jars, mustard jars
  • Children’s jeans
  • Fabrics of all types…but especially colors and patterns popular with ‘tweens’
  • Ikea catalogs
  • Decorating magazines & articles
  • Face Masks – aerator type masks for household projects:  all sizes
  • Color Wheels – from paint stores
  • Sheets of painter’s plastic
  • Empty egg cartons
  • Any type of paint:  tempera, acrylic, house paint, spray paint
  • Carpet samples
  • Balls of string
  • game pieces or old games
  • oatmeal boxes
  • old calendars
  • craft styrofoam
  • Shower curtains: new or used (clean)
  • Tablecloths: heavy plastic
  • Heavy clear plastic
  • Rope/heavy string/cord
  • Wine bottle corks
  • Sewing Needles
  • Single handheld hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Flower Pots       new or used -all sizes and types (clean)
  • Small clear glass votives
  • Linens napkins -new & old -white or light colored-not crocheted
  • Table Runners -  new & old – white or light colored – not crocheted
  • Doilies- white or light colored – not crocheted
  • Wood dowels  1/2 in. &  1/4 in.  in diam.
  • Disposable aluminum pans  or pie tins  - round or square
  • Spools- empty
  • Wide rubber bands
  • Clear 2 liter pop bottles with caps
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Chunks of wood 3/4 in thick
  • Old silverware
  • Fish Line
  • Round tomato cages-new or used


Wellness Works Fund Requests Due June 1

Wellness Works, the Anoka-Ramsey Community College employee wellness program, was created to impact the health and well-being of Anoka-Ramsey employees.  Our mission is to impact the health and well-being of employees by promoting healthful lifestyle choices within a work environment that encourages wellness.

This is the fifth year of our program.  In addition to our monthly workshops and other programming, another part of our program includes a $100 personal wellness initiative fund (see attached Wellness Program Guidelines for details).

Employees who have earned 50 wellness points (see attached Wellness Tracking Sheet) may be eligible to receive $100 to use toward a personal wellness initiative.  You will receive one wellness point for each activity completed that relates to your overall wellness.  The Wellness Tracking Sheet indicates what activities you get points for (sleeping for 8 or more hours, drinking water, attending a Weight Room orientation session, to name few). 

Reimbursable personal wellness initiatives may include:

Classes and/or lessons including:

  • Aerobics
  • Tai Chi
  • Self Defense
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Taekwondo
  • Pilates
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Watchers
  • ARCC or Community Ed fitness classes
  • Continuing Education classes related to Health & Wellness in conjunction with ARCC/CECT
  • Membership fees to health clubs
  • Personal strength training
  • Online health programs
  • Massage

Note: Wellness funds cannot be used for personal fitness equipment, tangible items of value, or recreational activities.

Procedure for Approval :

  1. Complete a Wellness Funds Request form (attached)
  2. Attach a copy of your Wellness Tracking Sheet with 50 earned points (attached)
  3. Attach all required receipts
  4. The Wellness Funds Request form is to be signed by the employees supervisor and routed to the Wellness Coordinator
  5. The Wellness Coordinator will route the form to the Chief Human Resources Officer for approval
  6. Upon approval, the Wellness Coordinator will return the form to the employee with instructions on how to obtain funding or reimbursement
  7. If the request if denied, the Wellness Coordinator will notify the employee

Attachments include: (also available on the shared drive)

  • Wellness Program Guidelines
  • Wellness Tracking Sheet 
  • Wellness Request Form

For more information about the Wellness Works program, visit the Wellness Works Web site

Pause for Appreciation

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my colleagues at Anoka-Ramsey for the wonderful memories, lessons and experiences I’ve been blessed with over the past four years. 

Just a few names I would like to highlight (though, I know there isn't enough time or space to include everyone!!)…

The dedicated Staff, Administrators and Faculty members.  Its because of you that Anoka-Ramsey is as successful as it is.  Leadership and teamwork are key for educating the future.  Thank you for doing what you do every day!

Marissa Sabatke.  Thank you for being so open and kind.  I've enjoyed all the lunch dates and friendly advice on the adventures of toddler (boy) raising!

Ski-mon.”  You two are endless smiles.  Thank you for always making me laugh.

Karla Sand and Tina Perpich.  Keep on keepin’ on!  The talents you bring to our team are so unique.  Your strengths complement each other in ways I don’t think you quite realize.  Your hard work and ideas have been very fun to see evolve over the past few years.  I feel honored and blessed to have been able to work with you for as long as I have.  Thank you for teaching me some important life lessons (professional and personal!) even when you weren’t trying.

Dawn Bushman and Kelsey Schwarzrock.  Where do I even begin??  …In our short time together I have found two lifelong friends.  You are my work sisters!  I have shared laughs and stresses with you, and vice versa.  Thank you for your advice, ears and in some cases, shoes!  I will always think of you when I put Franks on everything.  You are both such strong, independent women and I feel very lucky to have been able to get to know you.  You are both the essence of Fabulocity!

Mary Jacobson.  I don’t think ‘thank you’ quite covers it.  You’ve been a steady hand in a world of change for me.  You gave me a chance to prove myself and with your guidance and encouragement I surprised myself!  Thank you for seeing something in me that I didn’t.  Thank you for being a true leader to our team.  Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge.  And thank you for being unconditionally supportive.  You have been a true inspiration to me and I know that I can count you as a friend for years to come.

I can honestly say without a doubt in my mind that everyone at Anoka-Ramsey has had some sort of an impact on my life.  Lessons and experiences lie around every corner, especially in a place of higher education.  I hope that those who I’ve gotten to know will stay in touch as I begin the next chapter in my life.

-Kally Kruchten


College of Choice for Faculty & Staff

Faculty Development Fund Approvals

  • Catherine Bean, 4/14-5/5/2011, St. Paul International Film Festival, $575
  • Candace Blazek, 4/28/2011, MinnMATYC Conference, $410
  • Ken Grace, 3/23/2011, MinnMATYC Conference, $171
  • Karna Kurtz, 4/28/2011, Society of Human Resource Management, $180
  • Jillayn Quaschnick, Summer 2011, YMCA Fitness Class, $234
  • Jillayn Quaschnick, 4/6/2011, MnSCU Training Center Dues, $160
  • Sasha Verkhovtseva, 4/28-30/2011, MinnMATYC Conference, $203

Staff Development Fund Approvals

  • Julie Beedle, Spring 2011, Books, $230.19

Wellness Fund Approvals

  • Jim Biederman, $100
  • Kate Hostnick-Harper, $100
  • Mark Lambert, $100
  • Amber Severson, $100


Official Announcements


  • Proposal submitted in the February 14, 2011 College Bulletin regarding Policy 3C.1 Class Size has been moved to action. (see Decision for further details).


Decisions based upon discussions at the April 25, 2011 FSGC Meeting:


Academic Affairs & Standards Council 
April 14, 2011Minutes

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Volume XXXIX, No. 39: May 2, 2011

News from President Jessica Stumpf

Golden Chalk Awards

Alumni's Video Poetry Honored

Grant Update

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News from President Jessica Stumpf

Interim Dean of Student Life Needed

With the retirement of Cindy Nutter and our alignment with Anoka Technical College, I have decided to search for an Interim Dean of Student Life at Anoka-Ramsey Community College for a period of 6 to 12 months.  This will be an internal search only. The estimated start date is June 8, 2011.

Education: Master’s Degree

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required to Perform Duties and Responsibilities: 

This position requires a thorough understand of post-secondary education. The Dean of Student Life requires a high-level of leadership and management skills and the ability to facilitate dialogue over policy development and departmental advancement.  The dean must be able to identify and address problems and be able to participate effectively in short- and long-range planning. The dean must possess excellent communication skills as well as the ability manage conflict and change.

If you are interested in this interim position, please send a letter of application and a resume to my email, or drop it off with Dawn Bushman in the President’s Office.

Deadline for applications is May 6, 2011.

I will conduct interviews of the top candidates after the deadline and will name the interim shortly thereafter. 


FY 2012 Strategic Initiative Proposals (SIP)

Three of this year’s eight Strategic Initiative Proposals are being funded for the 2012 fiscal year, funded July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. Some adjustments to the proposals and funding levels may be arranged with proposal author(s).

Thank you to the authors and, in some cases, teams who submitted proposals! Also, thank you to the Strategic Initiative Proposal Committee.

Green Dot Gear: $9,700

Submitted by: John Hennen

Will support 2011-2012 launch of a college-wide violence prevention program that includes 1.) an awareness/norm change campaign concerning power-based personal violence; and 2.) a bystander intervention training program to support prevention.                                                                                       

Concurrent Enrollment Website: $3,317.56

Submitted by: Michael Werner

Develop a Concurrent Enrollment Program Web site and develop Twitter and Facebook accounts to cater to students, parents, high school administrators and counselors and high school partner teachers and their Anoka-Ramsey Faculty mentors.                                                                                            

Fall Theater Project: $2,370

Submitted by: Blayn Lemke

Host a day-long Theatre workshop in fall 2011 for students and theatre Faculty members from six to eight area high schools to experience a variety of activities in the areas of acting, directing, set design/construction, make-up and dance.


Golden Chalk Awards

 Golden Chalk Awards

 Golden Chalk Award Winner

Bob Daun, Vice President of Service for the Coon Rapids Campus chapter of Phi Theta Kappa honor society hands the 2011 Silver Chalk Award for Teaching Excellence to faculty member Thomas McCarthy. 
Phi Theta Kappa Coon Rapids Chapter President Michelle Jordan hands the 2011 Golden Chalk Award for Teaching Excellence to Faculty member Dierk Hofreiter.


Alumni’s Poetry Video Honored

Submitted by Kate Kysar

I am delighted to announce that Jes Lee Shimek, an Anoka-Ramsey alumni who majored in art (and met her husband in my creative writing class!) made a beautiful video of my poem "Love Poem" that was chosen by the Two-Year Colleges Association within the National Council of Teachers of English to celebrate National Poetry Month. You can view the video HERE.

Jes will have an art show at Anoka-Ramsey next year.


Grant Update

Submitted by Rosie Mortenson

Anoka-Ramsey participated in two collaborative grant proposals for the Department of Labor (DOL) TAA CCCT due April 21, 2011.

A national consortium of 10 community colleges, Health Professions Pathways  Consortium (H2P), collaborated to improve the training and education of trade impacted workers and other dislocated workers in health professions. The H2P model emphasizes strategic partnerships with employers and the workforce system, employs cutting-edge, innovative technology, and consists of following core strategies, with the core curriculum being the centerpiece:  1.) assessment and career guidance; 2.) student retention and completion support; 3.) contextualized developmental education;  4.) industry-driven core curriculum for health professions; 5.)  industry-recognized stackable credentials; 6.) training incumbent health professions workers; and 7.) shared data and accountability systems for program improvement. 

Anoka-Ramsey’s grant request is: $1,340,758. 

A second effort is a state-wide initiative of 23 colleges participating with Riverland College and MnSCU taking the leadership role. Minnesota: Complete and Compete will serve TAA-eligible individuals, as well as members of three populations:  1.) low-skilled adults who are not college-ready; 2.) stop-outs who have college credits but have never achieved a college credential; and 3.) adult students currently enrolled in two-year colleges who face high attrition rates due to academic and working learner challenges. Anoka-Ramsey focused on Healthcare/Nursing Pathways and Computer Technology/Computer Networking Pathways.

Anoka-Ramsey’s grant request is: $2,807,201.

Many people from the college, the Anoka County Workforce Center and Metro North Adult Basic Education were involved in the preparation of these proposals. In addition, employers were involved in the discussions and provided letters of support for this work. Thank you all for your contributions to this effort! 

Grant awards will be announced before June 30, 2011. If you have any questions, please contact Rosie Mortenson.


English Faculty Poem on MPR Web Site

Check out Coon Rapids Campus English Faculty member Kate Kysar's poem, "Faultlines," on the Minnesota Public Radio Web site.

Kate is the author of Dark Lake, a book of poetry, and editor of Riding Shotgun: Women Write About Their Mothers, a collection of essays. Her latest book of poetry, Pretend the World, was published earlier this year by Holy Cow! Press. Kysar's work is also appearing in the National Poetry Foundation Web site.

If your work appears in the world outside of Anoka-Ramse, please let us know.


Coffee House Entertainment Presents

Tommy Dare
Wednesday, May 4, 10 to 11 a.m.
Coon Rapids Campus, Courtyard Commons

Tommy Dare is a master hypnotist. Whether he’s performing for a corporate or high school audience, stage hypnotist Tommy Dare’s fast-paced show will astound you.  His mesmerizing personality and quick wit will diffuse inhibitions and set the stage for a night of hilarity and fun. Participants taken from the audience will participate in a totally tasteful, yet unbelievable demonstration of the amazing powers of the mind. Whether you participate or watch, you will leave the show feeling relaxed and uplifted.


Pause for Appreciation

I wanted to let you know about the thoughtfulness and generosity of Zach Schultz. He stopped by my office recently to drop off eight Minnesota Twins tickets to give to the AmeriCorps members. He said they do so much for so little that they were his first thought when he realized he wouldn’t be able to use the tickets himself. He could have easily given them to someone else or sold them. It is a reminder of how grateful I am to work with such great people.

Truly amazing.

-Jaimie Lopez


College of Choice for Faculty & Staff

Staff Development Fund Approvals

  • Dana Gangl, 5/18-19/2011, Frontline Conference, $166.31
  • William Gelle, 5/18-19/2011, Frontline Conference, $85

Wellness Fund Approvals

  • Laurie Lopez, $100


Official Announcements


  • Proposal submitted regarding Policy 2C.1 Satisfactory Academic Progress  RATIONALE: Update for compliance with Federal regulation.
    The policy proposal can be viewed for comments at the Policy and Procedure Comment Page

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