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Procedure 1A.4/11 Communication

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The college shall provide communications through the operational and contractual structure.


• Four units (Executive, Student Services, Academic Affairs and Administration) shall serve as the basis for operational communications with all staff members assigned to a unit.
• Each member shall be responsible for participation in their unit's communication process.
• Each unit head is responsible for organizing and developing a communication procedure for exchange of information among unit members.
• Inter-unit communications will be accomplished through:

a. Meetings of unit heads (President, Vice Presidents, Deans, President’s Cabinet/Council, Educational Services)
b. Inter-unit meetings of unit members/departments
c. Joint meetings of the units called by the President
d. Reporting significant information through the College Bulletin
e. Timely email


• The following employee and student constituent groups shall serve as the bases for contractual communications: AFSCME Council #5, MAPE, MMA, Student Senate and Faculty Association.
• Each constituent group shall have the opportunity to meet with the President to present ideas and to influence decision-making in accordance with its contract or board policy.


The College Bulletin is the official medium for announcing college-wide matters. It will be distributed on the first class day of each week during the academic year and every other Monday during the summer. The College Bulletin will announce:

b) Final ACTION taken by the President on policy proposals.
c) Committee appointments
d) Academic Affairs and Standards Council and Faculty Shared Governance Council Minutes and Agendas

Timely email and phone system (x1100) announcements and the college Web site are also official forms of communication.


12.01.03 Removed “Statement of Intent”; moved some language into new policy and procedure 1A.1 Policy

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