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Travel: Policy 5K.2

Procedure 5K.2/11 Travel: Using College Vehicles

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  • Before users of state or college vehicles request use of the vehicle, they must have been approved through the Vehicle Fleet Safety Program to operate the vehicle.
  • Approval for use of state or college vehicles by the appropriate Dean or Supervisor is indicated through signing an annual renewal of the Vehicle Fleet Safety agreement.
  • The vehicles are to be utilized for college business or events only.
  • Scheduling of vehicles is performed by the Information Centers at each campus. Student class projects and activities have priority and the length of the trip is the second priority consideration.
  • If a state or college vehicle is not available, note the situation on the employee/ student expense form to obtain the higher mileage rate for reimbursement purposes.
  • Maintenance, Security and Administration of the MnSCU Vehicle Fleet Safety Program for the vehicle fleet (state and college vehicles) at both campuses is the responsibility of the Director of Public Safety-Security.


  • Obtain the vehicle use forms and the keys for the vehicle from the Information Center after approval for use has been obtained.
  • Record mileage, destination and other required information legibly on the vehicle use form.
  • Vehicles shall not be returned to the campuses with less than a half tank of fuel.
  • Trailer attachment must be approved by the Director of Public Safety.
  • All doors on the vehicles shall be locked and windows closed when the vehicle is not in operation. When the vehicle is returned to the campuses during normal operational hours, return the completed vehicle form and the keys to the Information Center.
  • If the vehicle is returned after hours, remove the keys from the ignition and place the vehicle form and the keys under the driver’s seat. The spare key will be obtained the following business day to access the vehicle and return the completed vehicle form and the keys to the Information Center.
  • If a vehicle is required before the normal college hours, contact the Director of Public Safety-Security (Orrin Nyhus, 763-433-1346 or, in his absence, Louise Duff, 763-433-1469) a day before the need and arrangements will be made for you.
  • In the event of a vehicle accident, please fill out the appropriate form located in the vehicle glove box.
  • The vehicle operator is responsible to follow all traffic rules and regulations. Any violations that result in traffic tickets while operating the state or college vehicle are the responsibility of the operator.


12.2009 Remove two campus designation and update to reflect correct procedure. Removed written approval requirement and specified MnSCU Vehicle Fleet Safety Program requirements. Added trailer approval requirement.

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