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Procedure Proposal Process

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Any Anoka-Ramsey Community College student or employee may submit a procedure proposal.  The purpose of the proposal can be 1) to adopt new procedure, 2) to amend current procedure, or 3) to repeal current procedure.  However, if the rationale for a proposal is to address only technical changes in a current procedure, then the proposal process is not required.  

Following is the process for procedure proposals:


1.    Procedure proposals, including rationale for the proposal, must be submitted in legislative format and should have the word DRAFT and a proposal date on the document.  Text of current policy can be obtained from the Management Analyst in the President’s Office or from the college’s website. 

2.    Procedure proposals, including rationale for the proposal, must be submitted to the Management Analyst in the President’s Office. 

3.    The President and the President’s Cabinet/President’s Council will review all proposals.

4.    The proposal will be emailed to constituent heads and published on the college’s policy and procedure comment page for a two week comment period.   Constituent groups consist of: AFSCME, Commissioner’s Plan, FSGC, MAPE, MMA, President’s Cabinet, President’s Council, & Student Associations. 

5.    The President will take action on a procedure proposal after the two-week comment period ends and use email to announce the action taken.  If the President approves a procedure proposal, it will be updated in or added to the physical copies of the Policy & Procedure Manual and the college’s website.


Guidelines should be utilized for assistance with complying with Anoka-Ramsey Policies and Procedures and do not provide exclusive representation of Anoka-Ramsey Administrative and Managerial authority. 
Anoka-Ramsey Administration maintains inherent managerial right according to Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) Article 6, Section 1.


October 8, 2009