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Faculty Development Chair Position

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Selection Process:

  1. The local Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) Chapter Nominating Committee will solicit nominees for the position

  2. The nominations committee will meet with the president of the college before spring elections to discuss possible nominees and produce a slate

  3. The election for faculty development chairperson will be held in late April or early May along with the other faculty association officers and committee memberships.


Position as faculty development chair starts on 1 July and is selected annually for a one-year term that may be renewed. Faculty development chair may serve concurrently as a CTL Campus Leader.

Job Description:

(1 through 8 describe work shared with the CTL Campus Leader and dean of innovative teaching and learning)

  1. Set goals for the year

  2. Regularly survey faculty to understand faculty development needs

  3. Plan and promote whole-college faculty development activities

  4. Maintain current, relevant web presence

  5. Promote available faculty development resources (e.g. library resource room, technology tools)

  6. Involve faculty development committee members, Energy Pool, and other interested faculty members in campus planning for programs, events, workshops, and activities

  7. Participate in Board of Trustees Awards for Excellence process

  8. Coordinate campus faculty development programming
    1. Contact presenter or facilitator

    2. Send letter or email of agreement

    3. Make arrangements for rooms, equipment, refreshments, and payment, if applicable (e.g., Building Use Permits (BUPs), requisitions, invoices)

    4. Publicize programs, speakers, events, and activities

    5. Introduce presenter or facilitator

    6. Send Thank You to presenter

    7. Compile faculty evaluations


    9.   Chair the Faculty Development Committee

    10. Serve on the MSCF campus chapter executive committee

    11.  Assure the timely completion of requests for funds and corresponding paperwork

    12.  Monitor the faculty development budget and provide 1-2 times a semester an update on budget expenditure to the MSCF chapter

    13.  Provide a year-end report to the college president on faculty development activities and supply other reports and information regarding activities as needed.


Job Compensation:

The faculty development chair receives a $1500 stipend for collaborative work with the CTL Campus Leader plus released time for work related to fund requests.

Released time is negotiated in the spring prior to the following year’s term but will be 3 credits on the Coon Rapids Campus on 1.5 credits on the Cambridge Campus.



June 2009             Revised

Guidelines should be utilized for assistance with complying with Anoka-Ramsey Policies and Procedures and do not provide exclusive representation of Anoka-Ramsey Administrative and Managerial authority.
Anoka-Ramsey Administration maintains inherent managerial right according to Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) Article 6, Section 1.

June 16, 2009