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Requirements: Physical Therapist Assistant - Associate in Applied Science Degree Program

 Program Requirements                                47 credits

The PTA Program Core course requirements are only offered at the Coon Rapids Campus.

BIOL 1102 Medical Terminology 2
PTAC 1010* Clinical Practice I 3
PTAC 1020* Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Kinesiology for the PTA 4
PTAC 1030* Introduction to Physical Therapist Assistant Theory 2
PTAC 1040* Introduction to Physical Therapist Assistant Lab 2
PTAC 1050* Modalities and Massage Theory 3
PTAC 1060* Modalities and Massage Lab 3
PTAC 1070* Therapeutic Exercise Theory 2
PTAC 1080 Therapeutic Exercise Lab 3
PTAC 1100 Communication and Documentation for the PTA Part I 1
PTAC 1110 Communication and Documentation for the PTA Part II 1
PTAC 2000* Musculoskeletal Disorders 3
PTAC 2010* Neuroanatomy and Functional Rehabilitation Theory 3
PTAC 2015 Neuroanatomy and Functional Rehabilitation Lab 2
PTAC 2020* Clinical Practice II 3
PTAC 2040* Special Topics I 3
PTAC 2050* Special Topics II 4
PTAC 2060* ** Clinical Practice III 3

*Course has a prerequisite. Prerequisites are listed in the course schedule and in the ARCC Catalog Course Descriptions pages.

**Students must complete all General Education requirements prior to or during enrollment in PTAC 2060.



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