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Accessing Your Files

Storing/Saving Your Files

Each employee has access to 100mb of network storage. When you login to a college computer, the H: drive will be your personal network space. You can access this space like you would a floppy, flash or zip disk—through My Computer.  

Accessing Your Files On Campus

    1. Login to a campus computer
    2. Double-click My Computer
    3. You will see the H: drive and your Tech ID

Accessing Your Files Off Campus

Remote access to your network drives is available at https://files.anokaramsey.edu

When asked to login, use the same username and password as you would to login to computers on campus.

Notes on Accessing Your Files Off Campus

    • Once logged in, the Home button on the left will display the list of File Access shortcuts. Click the File Access shortcut link to display the contents of that folder. 
    • Please note that the number of files and folders displayed is related to the height of your web browser. If you do not see all the files in your folder, use the Page navigation buttons along the tool bar to change which files are displayed.
    • The toolbar contains buttons to upload files, and create new folders in the currently displayed folder.

Shared Networked Files - Shared Drive - "N:" Drive

The college shares network files on a shared network files.  You'll see these listed as "Shared" or the "N:" Drive.


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