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Video Editing

Want video?  How can IT help?

What services are available and how long will it take?


Service Turn Around Time
(assumes permission/copyright clearance is in place)
Duplicate DVDs (1:7)
3 days (20 or less, more than 20 would take 5 days)
Duplicate CD (1:7)
3 days (20 or less, more than 20 would take 5 days)
Setup recording equipment (camcorders) for employees
3-5 day advance notice
 Video editing
 Basic training on video editing

Camcorders available:
  • Panasonic SD-Digital Camcorder (2x)
  • Canon SD-Digital Camcorder (1x)

How do employees request video services?

  • Call 763-433-1510 or email the IT Helpdesk at it.helpdesk@anokaramsey.edu
  • No material will be duplicated without direct consent from the creator or evidence that copyright material meets standard of fair use (see below)
  • Submit written direct consent from creator or Copyright Fair Use Checklist with your request


What are copyright rules and regulations?