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Print/Copy (Web Ticket)

Order Supplies

Mail/ Courier/ Faxing

Print/Copy (Web Ticket)

Place Your Print/Copy (Web Ticket) Request:

  1. ORDER ONLINE: Web Ticket.

  2. ORDER BY HARD COPY: Complete an “ARCC Central Service Request Form ” and enter the date.
    Coon Rapids employees: Time stamp your request by using the time clock located near the fax machine and place in the "Regular" or "Rush" basket.
    Cambridge employees: For copy jobs sent to Central Services, we will time stamp your request the day it is received. Please indicate if it is a "Regular" or "Rush" order.

    Rush Request qualifies as less than two business days notice.


More Services

Copying - Posters, Lamination, Transparencies, & Color Printing

If you request 100 or more colored copies, Central Services will ask you to approve a paper “proof” before printing the entire job. This could add an additional day or two to the completion date.

All request orders require your six digit “Cost Center Code” number. Obtain forms from Central Services or a faculty secretary.

Number your hardcopy pages with a non-photo copy blue pencil, in the event of a paper jam. The first page is always number one, even if it is the cover. Blank pages and inserts also need to be numbered. Order a non-photo copy blue pencil through Central Service.

Common service cost list


  • Black/white scanning available in 8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17"
  • Color scanning available in 8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17"

Important Information About Your Request

  • All jobs will be copied double sided unless specific instructions are requested.
  • If your job needs to be folded, include a sample of the fold with your hardcopy (if other than standard booklet fold).
  • All requests containing copyright material must have a completed copyright form attached.
  • Printing requests consisting of 1,000 or more copies require a Supervisor/Dean’s signature on the “ARCC Central Services Printing Request” form next to Program Director Approval prompt.  
  • Please allow 4 to 5 days for printing large quantities or brochures, carbonless jobs, or tickets that require perforating.
  • Posters can be created using MS Office product, PageMaker, PhotoShop and Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Include specific directions
  • Posters: Use a minimum 1/2 inch margin around your poster
  • Laminating: No restriction on pieces up to 27 inches in width
  • Transparencies: Available only for faculty and staff.


Copier PIN & Billing Code

Contact Central Services by email or in person to obtain your copier PIN (Personal Identification Number) and Billing Code (Cost Center Code) number/s. PIN information will not be given out over the telephone. Your PIN can be entered two ways; by using the keypad or by swiping a Photo ID Card.You must enter all the zeros in both PIN and Billing Code numbers. Photo ID cards can be obtained by contacting the Student Activities Director, Coon Rapids at 763-433-1243 or Student Services, Cambridge at 763-433-1840.


How to Use Your Department Copiers

  • Press END on the PageCounter device (this is to prevent copying under the previous user's code)
  • Enter PIN and Billing Code (Cost Center Code) numbers including zeros
  • Swipe Photo ID Card or type in your 9 digit copier PIN. Copier PIN is NOT Employee ID#.
  • Enter 6 digit Billing Code (Cost Center Code)
  • Make copies
  • Press END when completed. Must press End or the next person can copy off your name and cost center