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Phone Resources

Extension Mobility

Extension Mobility allows users to configure any Cisco IP phone as their own, on a temporary basis, by logging in to that phone. Once a user logs in, the phone adopts the user individual user default device profile information.

Extension Mobility (Login) Directions
  1. Press Services (Globe Icon) button
  2. Select Extension Mobility
  3. Enter your StarID
  4. Enter your Extension Mobility PIN
  5. The phone will now reset with your information
Extension Mobility (Logout)
  1. On the configured phone, press Services
  2. Select Extension Mobility
  3. When prompted to log out, select Yes
  4. The phone will now return to the default user configurations

Quick Reference Guides and Tutorials

How do I access the college phone directory?

  1. Press the Directory (Open Book Icon) button
  2. Select College Directory or press 4 on the key pad
  3. Use the key pad to enter the Name of the department or person, or press Search and use the scroll keys to scroll through the directory manually
  4. Scroll till your search subject is highlighted
  5. Press Select

Tip 1: Try using first and last initials for your search
Tip 2: Use the first name field to display all main college numbers

Note: If you notice a discrepancy in the spelling of your name or office location, please inform our Information Technology Helpdesk of the changes.

(Printed phone directories will continue to be available - printed once a semester)

Meet-Me Conferencing

Meet-Me is a conferencing feature enabling up to 10 people to be connected at one time.

  1. To create a Meet-Me session, lift the receiver or press speaker.
  2. Select the ‘more’ softkey, until ‘Meet-Me’ displays above the softkeys.
  3. Enter one of our Meet-Me extensions: Call IT (x1510) for Meet-Me extensions.
  4. Conference invitees are then transferred to the Meet-Me extension by the initiator of the Meet-Me session, the Receptionist, or may dial the extension from within the Auto Attendant. 

How do I use my long distance?

  1. Push line button next to your name
  2. Dial 9.1.(10 digit number)
  3. You should hear a double beep
  4. Enter long distance code (see note below)
  5. Press #

Note:  Not all staff members or faculty member receive a long distance code.  This can be acquired by your Dean/Supervisor by submitting a request via the online Network Security Request Form.
Note: Long distance codes and copy PINs are the same number. Long distance access may be verified by contacting Central Services at x1520.


IT Help Desk 

(763) 433-1510

Cambridge, F207
Coon Rapids, T124