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Promote Events

Promote Academic Programs

Marketing & Public Relations

Do you want to promote an Academic Program or offering at Anoka-Ramsey Community College? Here are some resources for you to consider.

New Academic Programs/Offerings

Once AASC Approval is Complete:
    1. Consider, who is the target audience? How can they be reached? Do you have mail/email lists?

      Audiences/Lists to Consider

      College Supporters/Alumni                          Director of Development (Michael Wall)

      Current Enrollments                                    Institutional Research (Nora Morris)

      Prospective New Students                           Recruitment

      Industry/Businesses                                    Professional Training

    2. Prepare program benefits/solutions. Why should a student be interested? What type of job will they get?

    3. Are there transfer options, articulation agreements or related portal offerings?

    4. Prepare communications/training for counselors/advisors.

    5. Prepare internal communications for the Marketing and Public Relations Department. Consider an announcement to the college, a college bulletin/student bulletin story

    6. Consider scheduling information sessions.

    7. What student life and student services offerings does Anoka-Ramsey have to compliment this program? Work with Val Knight to prepare a program guide sheet.

    8. Use college templates to design promotional materials. (examples: post cards, posters, brochures, tv monitors) N:/ARCC Public/Marketing and Public Relations/Department Templates

Once MnSCU Approval is Complete:

Notify Mary Jacobson with the Marketing and Public Relations Department to fully prepare:

  1. Guide sheet layout for online academic catalog and single-sheet printing.
  2. Implement internal announcement via email and college bulletin.
  3. Web: prepare new web page for program, add guide sheet online, add to online academic catalog, create Flash item (part of the front homepage rotating graphics).
  4. Prepare Press Release/Photo Op for external announcement.
  5. Share with President’s Office.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Jacobson, Marketing and Public Relations Department (1315).


Media Relations

President's Office