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Final Exam Schedule

Important Dates & Deadlines

Important Dates and Deadlines

Please refer to the official Calendar of Events for holidays, breaks, and additional calendar items. 



                                                          Spring Semester, 2015
                                                            January 12– May 15 

Spring Semester begins January 12th, 2015. Important dates, deadlines and links are for your convenience to help you get started and keep informed.

Make sure you have taken care of everything you need to before the start of the semester:
Tuition is due by December 18th, 2014– If you have not submitted a FAFSA or made payment arrangements you will be dropped from your courses.

Students who have submitted a FAFSA will have a hold placed on their courses and the courses will not be dropped. If financial aid is denied, students will need to self-pay or drop their courses.
Students are responsible for their course enrollment. Students must go online and drop any course they do not wish to take.
Students not eligible for financial aid and do not drop classes will be financially responsible.

**Students wanting to withdraw need to refer to the course schedule for individual course withdraw dates.**

February 10 Deadline to Have FAFSA Received by Federal Processor for MN State Grant 
March 8-14  Spring Break (no classes) 
March 30   Summer Semester Credit Priority Registration Begins
April 1  Deadline to Apply for Graduation in Summer 
April 13  Fall Semester Credit Priority Registration Begins 
May 4  Summer Textbooks on Sale (Includes Online Financial Aid Charging) 
May 8   Summer Semester Tuition Due 
May 9  Drop for Non-Payment 
May 11 - 15 Final Exams 
May 11 - 15  Book Buyback
May 15  Commencement Ceremony 
May 15   Summer Semester Ends 
May 29  PSEO Student-Course Materials/Textbook Return Due Date

Anoka-Ramsey Community College reserves the right to make necessary changes to the college calendar. 
In the event of a change, the college will attempt to accommodate students.  It does not, however, guarantee that courses, activities or other college programs will be completed or rescheduled.



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