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Worker's Compensation

Under Minnesota Rule 5218.0250, the Minnesota Management and Budget office provides this notice to inform you that:

Your employer (the State of Minnesota) will be enrolled with CorVel, a certified workers’ compensation managed care plan that provides state employees and covered volunteers with all necessary medical treatment for work-related injuries and illness. CorVel's 24 hour nurse line 612-436-2542 or 866-399-8541.

Additional information may be obtained by calling the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) in St. Paul at 651-284-5005 or State Worker's Compensation Program at 651-296-6521.

*In accordance with part 5218.0500, subparts 1 and 2, except that if you later change doctors you must then choose a doctor who participates in CorVel’s plan.


Human Resources Office


CorVel Nurse Line

612-436-2542 or 866-399-8541

MN Department of Labor & Industry


State Worker's Compensation Program