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Matching Gifts

If your employer has a Matching Gift Program, you can double, or sometimes even triple, your contribution or your spouse’s contribution to one of our campus foundations.

Many corporations have demonstrated their support for Anoka-Ramsey by matching or multiplying their employees' gifts up to a set amount. Ask whether your employer or your spouse’s employer participates in such a program. Certain restrictions apply to matching gifts; please consult your company's personnel office for further information.

Your support is instrumental in bringing innovative educational opportunities to the north metro and east central Minnesota areas. Extra gifts such as those provided through a company's matching gift program have significant impact on the college's continued progress.

To apply for matching funds from your or your spouse’s employer, simply pick up a matching gift form from the employer (usually through the personnel or public relations department). Each matching gift program varies in terms of when the gift to our foundation can be matched, but the one constant is that the employee must initiate the process. Please follow the employer’s instructions.

It's never too late to match your contribution. Even if your last gift to the foundation was several months ago, you may still be able to apply to your employer or your spouse’s employer for a matching gift. Many companies will provide matching funds within one calendar year.

Thank you for investing in success!



Jamie Barthel

Executive Director of

PWT & Institutional Advancment



Cambridge Foundation


Coon Rapids Foundation


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