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Introduction to eLumen

The college has adopted a web-based software program called eLumen to help us manage the process of collecting and analyzing assessment data. eLumen was specifically designed with assessment of student learning in mind and is organized according to our programs, goals, and student learning outcomes.

Once an assessment is set up for a particular area, data can be entered by following these steps:

  • Log in to https://arcc.elumenapp.com/arcc/ using your eLumen User ID and Password (available from Jennifer Hennen in the Office of Institutional Research). Note: if you receive a certificate warning message in your browser, click "Continue" (Internet Explorer) or "I Understand the Risks" (Firefox) to continue to the login page.

The following directions are for the previous version of eLumen (eLumen 4.0). Please contact Jennifer Hennen with questions about eLumen 5.0.

  • Select the term to begin preparing your assessments. All sections to which you are linked as instructor will appear.
  • Select the section to prepare. Click on "Consider recommended assessments" and select the assessment(s) you plan to assess for the section and click "Apply.
  • Select "Score students" to bring up the scorecard for this section. Enter scores on this screen. Once all scores have been entered, click "Save" (under the course section and title).
  • To score another assessment for this course or to score assessments for another course, click "Return to what I was doing" and repeat the previous steps.
  • After recording your scores, the number of expected and actual assessments appears on the screen, based on the number of students on the roster and the number of actual recorded assessments. To record additional scores or update previously entered scores, click "Score students."

Report Options

Review per-student assessment results for this course - shows scores by student

Review aggregated assessment data for this course - aggregates all assessment scores by outcome for the chosen section, all sections of this course/term, and all courses in that term using the same assessment package