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Welcome to Jitter@ARCC

…because your opinion matters!

Current Jitters 

MnSCU Health Insurance Survey

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system is reviewing the current range of health insurance options that students have available. Your student senate and the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) want your opinion on health insurance options.

Take the 2-minute, 10-question survey: Click here to take survey
Or use your phone to scan the code:

ARCC Student Newspapers Survey

The InkSpot at Cambridge and Rampage at Coon Rapids want to go ONLINE! Tell us how you get your news!

Take the 2-minute, 10-question survey: Click here to take survey
Or scan the code with your phone:


You will see the current results of the ARCC Student Newspaper Survey as soon as you complete the survey!

Then, check back here in a couple of weeks for the final results of both surveys!

What is Jitter?  

Jitter is “Just in Time Research” (JITR) to support the success of our students. Jitter is our way of asking important questions and sharing the results with our college community in a timely manner.

Each Jitter is a 1-2 minute online survey. A new Jitter is posted the last week of each month. The results are posted the first week of each month.

Jitter is voluntary…that means we REALLY need to hear from as many students as possible to know that we really know what you think!

Jitter is confidential…we only report the results for the group.

How is the information used?  

 Jitter asks important questions. So, how do we use the answers? Well, we put them all together and share the results with you -- here on the website -- and with the people who need this information to make informed decisions for student success.

In Institutional Research, we share RESULTS, not IDENTITIES! So, your information is safe with us!

How are questions selected?  

 Anyone can submit a question or issue for consideration as a Jitter. Questions will be reviewed by the Office of Institutional Research for clarity and importance relative to promoting student success at the college.

When submitting a question or topic for consideration, you will be asked to provide:

  • A single question, topic or issue to be explored
  • Why you feel it is important / how might the information be used to support student success
  • Your role (student, faculty, staff)
  • Your name and contact information, so the Office of Institutional Research can contact you to further explore the question or issue.

Elisabeth Palmer
Director of Institutional Research