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Promote Events

Promote Academic Programs

Marketing & Public Relations

Do you want to promote an Academic Program or offering at Anoka-Ramsey Community College? Here are some resources for you to consider.

New Academic Programs/Offerings

Once AASC Approval is Complete:
    1. Consider, who is the target audience? How can they be reached? Do you have mail/email lists?

      Audiences/Lists to Consider

      Alumni                                                        Alumni Relations (Michael Wall)

      Current Enrollments                                      Institutional Research (Nora Morris)

      Prospects interested in specific programs         Recruitment (Ashley Weatherspoon)

      Industry/Businesses                                      Professional Training (LeAnn Snidarich)

    2. Prepare program benefits/solutions. Why should a student be interested? What type of job will they get?
    3. Are there transfer options, articulation agreements or related portal offerings?
    4. Prepare communications/training for counselors/advisors.
    5. Prepare internal communications for the Marketing and Public Relations Department. Consider an announcement to the college, a college bulletin/student bulletin story
    6. Consider scheduling information sessions.
    7. What student life and student services offerings does ARCC have to compliment this program?
    8. Work with Val Knight to prepare guide sheet text.
    9. Use college templates to design promotional materials. (examples: post cards, posters, brochures, tv monitors) N:/ARCC Public/Marketing and Public Relations/Department Templates

Once MnSCU Approval is Complete:

Notify Mary Jacobson with the Marketing and Public Relations Department to fully prepare:

  1. Guide sheet layout for online academic catalog and single-sheet printing.
  2. Implement internal announcement via email and college bulletin.
  3. Web: prepare new web page for program, add guide sheet online, add to online academic catalog, create Flash item (part of the front homepage rotating graphics).
  4. Prepare Press Release/Photo Op for external announcement.
  5. Share with President’s Office.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Jacobson, Marketing and Public Relations Department (1315).


Media Relations

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