Policies and Procedures Table of Contents

Policy 1A.1

Policies and Procedures
Procedure 1A.1/11 - Policies and Procedures

Policy 1A.2 Organization and Administration
Procedure 1A.2/11 - Organization Chart
Procedure 1A.2/12 - College Units
Procedure 1A.2/13 - Designated MnSCU Liaison Assignments
Procedure 1A.2/14 - Faculty by Department and Division Under Deans
Policy 1A.3 Organization and Administration: Evening and Saturday Duty
Procedure 1A.3/11 - Evening and Saturday Duty
Policy 1A.4 Communication
Procedure 1A.4/11 - Communication
Procedure 1A.4/12 - Style Sheet
Policy 1A.5 Calendar: Principles for Calendar Development
Policy 1A.6 Delegation of Authority: Executive Authority in Absence of President
Procedure 1A.6/11 - Executive Authority in Absence of the President
Policy 1A.7 Delegation of Authority
Procedure 1A.7/11 - Delegation of Authority
Policy 1A.8 Approved Professional Organizations
Policy 1A.9 Environmental Health and Safety
Policy 1A.9/01 Environmental Health and Safety--ARCC Drug-Free
Policy 1A.10 Acceptable Use of Technology
Policy 1A.11 Hours: Principles for Development
Procedure 1A.11/11 - Service Hours
Policy 1A.12

Web Publishing
Procedure 1A.12/11 - Web Page Style Guide

Policy 1A.13

Public & Private Information: Record Maintenance and Retention
Procedure 1A.13/11 Record Maintenance and Retention

 Policy 1A.14 Telephone and Fax Usage 
 Policy 1A.15 Social Media 
Policy 1B.0

Reasonable Accommodations in Employment
Procedure 1B.0/11- Reasonable Accommodations in Employment

Policy 1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education
Procedure 1B.1/11 - Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution
Procedure 1B.1/12 - Preferred Name
Policy 1B.2 Affirmative Action - ARCC
Procedure 1B.2/11 Affirmative Action - ARCC
Policy 1B.3 Sexual Violence
Procedure 1B.3/11 Sexual Violence
Policy 1B.4

Individuals with Disabilities
Procedure 1B.4/11 - Individuals with Disabilities

Policy 2A.1 Data Practices
Policy 2A.2 Student Email
Policy 2B.3 Student Involvement in Decision-Making
Procedure 2B.3/11 Student Involvement in Decision-Making
Policy 2B.4 Student Activities--Approval to Add or Drop Activities
Policy 2B.5 Student Life
Procedure 2B.5/11 - Student Life
Policy 2B.6 Student Stipend
Procedure 2B.6/11 - Student Leadership Grant
Policy 2C.1

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Policy 3A.1 Library
Procedure 3A.1/11 - Library
Procedure 3A.1/12 - Audio Visual and Media Services
Policy 3A.2 Software Copyright
Policy 3B.1

Academic Program Improvement
Procedure 3B.1/11 Acadmemic Program Improvement

Policy 3B.2 Undergraduate Credit Transfer
Procedure 3B.2/11 - Undergraduate Credit Transfer
Policy 3B.3 Adding or Dropping Courses
Procedure 3B.3/11 - Adding, Changing, Dropping, or Suspending Courses
Policy 3B.4 Common Course Outlines
Procedure 3B.4/11 - Common Course Outlines
Policy 3B.5 Academic Standards
Procedure 3B.5/11 - Academic Standards
 Policy 3B.6 Definition of Credit Hour 
 Policy 3B.7 Academic Forgiveness 
Policy 3C.1 Class Size
Policy 3D.1 Continuing Education Units
Policy 3E.1 Admissions
Procedure 3E.1/11 - Admissions
Policy 3F.1

Student Conduct Code
Procedure 3F.1/11 - Student Conduct Code

Policy 3F.2

Complaints and Grievance
Procedure 3F.2/11 - Student Complaints

Policy 3G.1

Class Syllabus
Procedure 3G.1/11 - Class Syllabus

Policy 3H.1 Intellectual Property
Procedure 3H.1/11 Intellectual Property
Policy 3H.2 Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials
Procedure 3H.2/11 Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials
Policy 3I.1

Faculty Credentialing
Procedure 3I.1/11 Faculty Credentialing

Policy 3I.2

Faculty Professional Development Plan
Procedure 3I.2/11 Faculty Professional Development Plans

Policy 4A.1 Absence from Duty--Permission
Policy 4B.1

Staff Appraisal
Procedure 4B.1/11 - Staff Appraisal (AFSCME, MAPE, MMA, Commisioner's Plan)
Procedure 4B.1/12 - Comprehensive Faculty Appraisal Rotation
Procedure 4B.1/13 - Administrator Evaluation

Policy 4C.1 Distinguished Faculty Award (Emeritus)
Procedure 4C.1/11 - Distinguished Faculty Award (Emeritus)
Policy 4D.1 Appointments, Transfers, Promotions--Recruitment of Candidates for Position
Procedure 4D.1/11 - Appointments, Transfers, Promotions – Recruitment of Candidates for Position
Policy 4E.1 Assignments and Work Schedules
Procedure 4E.1/11 - Assignments and Work Schedules
Policy 4F.1 Participation in Political Activity
Policy 4G.1 College-Level Employee Development
Procedure 4G.1/11 - College-Level Employee Development
Procedure 4G.1/12 - College-Level Employee Development - Staff
Policy 4H.1 College Personnel Files
Procedure 4H.1/11 - College Personnel Files
Policy 4H.2 Privacy of Records
Procedure 4H.2/11 - Privacy of Records
Policy 4I.1 Cancelling Classes or Closing of Campuses/College
Procedure 4I.1/11 - Weather and Emergency Closing or Cancellations
Policy 4I.2 Classes on Election Days
Policy 4I.3

Classes During Precinct Caucuses

Policy 4J.1

Religious Observances

Policy 4K.1 Distinguished Retiree Award
Procedure 4K.1/11 - Distinguished Retiree Award
Policy 4L.1 Use of Volunteers
Procedure 4L.1/11 - Use of Volunteers
 Policy 4M.1 Nepotism 
Policy 5A.1 Institutional Support: Communications Services
Procedure 5A.1/11 - Institutional Support: Communications Services
Policy 5B.1 Institutional Support: Publicity Services
Policy 5C.1 Institutional Support: Copier/Printer
Procedure 5C.1.11 - Institutional Support: Copier/Printer
Policy 5C.2 Lost and Found
Procedure 5C.2/11 - Lost and Found
Policy 5C.3 Complimentary Tickets
Policy 5D.1

Auxiliary Enterprises--Bookstores
Procedure 5D.1/11 - Auxiliary Enterprises--Bookstores
Procedure 5D.1/12 - Auxiliary Enterprises: Post- Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Textbooks & Materials

Policy 5E.1 General Facility Use
Procedure 5E.1/11 - General Facility Use
Policy 5F.1 Disposition of Property
Procedure 5F.1/11 - Disposition of Property
Policy 5F.2  Acceptance of Potentially Hazardous Materials 
Policy 5G.1 Space Management: Keys/Proximity Card Access
Procedure 5G.1/11 - Space Management: Keys/Proximity Card Access
Policy 5G.2 Fees
Procedure 5G.2/11 - PSEO Ineligibility
Policy 5G.3 Solicitation by Non-College Groups and Individuals
Policy 5G.4 Waiver of Admission Application Fee
Policy 5H.1 Parking (Fees and Enforcement)
Procedure 5H.1/11 - Parking (Fees and Enforcement)
Policy 5H.2 Refund of Tuition and Fees
Policy 5I.1 Entering into Contracts
Procedure 5I.1/11 - Entering into Contract
Policy 5J.1 Emergencies
Procedure 5J.1/11 - Emergencies
Policy 5J.2 Parking and Property
Policy 5J.3 Zero Tolerance for Violence in the Workplace
Procedure 5J.3/11 - Zero Tolerance for Violence in the Workplace
Policy 5J.4 Possession or Carry of Firearms
Policy 5J.5  Public Comments and Concerns
Policy 5K.1 Transportation Services
Procedure 5K.1/11 - Transportation Services
Policy 5K.2 Travel by Students and Staff
Procedure 5K.2/11 - Travel: Using College Vehicles
Policy 5K.3

Reimbursement (Travel Expenses)

Policy 6A.1 Space Management: Use
Procedure 6A.1/11 - Use of Facility and Services
Policy 6A.2

Space Management: Signs
Procedure 6A.2/11 - Signs

Policy 6A.3 Building, Site and Common Area Naming
Procedure 6A.3/11- Building, Site and Common Area Naming
Policy 7A.1 Capital Asset Inventories
Procedure 7A.1/11 - Capital Asset Inventories
Policy 7B.1 Printer Accounting System
Policy 7C.1 Accounts Receivable Management
Procedure 7C.1/11 - Accounts Receivable Management
Policy 7D.1 Acceptance of Gifts and Grants to the College
Procedure 7D.1/11 - Acceptance of Gifts & Grants to the College
Policy 7E.1

Purchasing Credit Card Program
Procedure 7E.1/11 Purchasing Credit Card Program

Policy 8A.1 ARCC Foundations and Donations to the Foundations
Procedure 8A.1/11 - ARCC Foundations & Donations to the Foundations
Policy 8A.2 Sale of Goods and Fund-Raising Activities
Policy 8B.1

Local Advisory Committees
Procedure 8B.1/11 - Occupational Program Advisory Committees

Assigning Instructional Faculty Offices
Building Site and Common Area Naming
Center for Teaching and Learning Campus Leader
College Committee Minutes
College Hour
Considerations for Not Cancelling Low Enrollment Courses
Department or Division Name Change 
Establishment of College Committees
Facilities Committee
Faculty Development Chair Position
Integrated Budget Flowchart
Laptop Agreement and Terms and Conditions
MSCF Teaching Online
New Program Investigation
Policy and Procedure Flowchart
Policy Proposal Narrative
Procedure Proposal Narrative
Receiving and Giving Gifts
Requests for Employee Personal Data
Screening Committee Composition
Service Awards
Social Media
Student Life Committee Recommendations
Style Guideline
Supplemental Equipment and Furniture Committee - Cambridge Campus

Supplemental Equipment List Procedure for Instruction Committee

Tuition Waiver Supplement

Word List

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