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Student Life: Policy 2B.5

Procedure 2B.5/11 Student Life

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Procedures for Forming a New Club

1. Complete the Provisional Club Application form and return it to the Student Activities Coordinator for that campus who will review the application and make a recommendation.

2. The Student Government must approve the proposal for recommendation by a three-fourths majority at a regular scheduled Student Senate meeting.

3. Following the recommendation by the Student Activities Coordinator, the form will also go to the Student Life Committee/Campus Programming Board and Student Government for approval. The Dean of Student Life shall have the right to approve or deny all clubs. The Dean of Student Life shall notify the Student Government of action on the proposal.

4. Upon receiving notification of club approval, the approved club has a six-week period to submit a constitution, a list of club officers, and the Expectations and Responsibilities form. This information should be submitted to the Student Activities Coordinator and the Student Life Committee/Campus Programming Board for approval. This information should also go to the Student Government for permanent club status.

5. If the Provisional Club application is denied, the Advisor of the club will be notified by the Student Activities Coordinator. All appeals will go to the Vice President.

6. All approved clubs have access to the Clubs and Organizations Office in the Student Center. Contact the Student Coordinator on the Cambridge Campus or the Club Advisor on the Coon Rapids Campus for access information, computer use, phone use and mailboxes.


03.2000 Adopted
02.2010 Aligned procedure collegewide. Updated to reflect proper contacts and update procedure for club approval.

For Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) policies and procedures, go to http://www.mnscu.edu/board/policy/index.html