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Chapter 4: Human Resources

Policy 4A.1 Absence from Duty--Permission
Policy 4B.1

Staff Appraisal
Procedure 4B.1/11 - Staff Appraisal (AFSCME, MAPE, MMA, Commisioner's Plan)
Procedure 4B.1/12 - Comprehensive Faculty Appraisal Rotation
Procedure 4B.1/13 - Administrator Evaluation

Policy 4C.1 Distinguished Faculty Award (Emeritus)
Procedure 4C.1/11 - Distinguished Faculty Award (Emeritus)
Policy 4D.1 Appointments, Transfers, Promotions--Recruitment of Candidates for Position
Procedure 4D.1/11 - Appointments, Transfers, Promotions – Recruitment of Candidates for Position
Policy 4E.1 Assignments and Work Schedules
Procedure 4E.1/11 - Assignments and Work Schedules
Policy 4F.1 Participation in Political Activity
Policy 4G.1 College-Level Employee Development
Procedure 4G.1/11 - College-Level Employee Development
Procedure 4G.1/12 - College-Level Employee Development - Staff
Policy 4H.1 College Personnel Files
Procedure 4H.1/11 - College Personnel Files
Policy 4H.2 Privacy of Records
Procedure 4H.2/11 - Privacy of Records
Policy 4I.1 Cancelling Classes or Closing of Campuses/College
Procedure 4I.1/11 - Weather and Emergency Closing or Cancellations
Policy 4I.2 Classes on Election Days
Policy 4I.3

Classes During Precinct Caucuses

Policy 4J.1

Religious Observances

Policy 4K.1

Distinguished Retiree Award
Procedure 4K.1/11 - Distinguished Retiree Award

Policy 4L.1

Use of Volunteers
Procedure 4L.1/11 - Use of Volunteers

Policy 4M.1 Nepotism 

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