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Procedure 4B.1/13 Administrator Evaluation

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Current Administrator Evaluation Methods:

1.    Administrative Personnel Performance Review (Annual)
2.    Administrator Feedback Form (3 year rotation)

a.    Solicits input based on the previous 3 years from all direct reports, random sample of all employees and others as requested by the administrator being evaluated.

                            i.     New administrators are evaluated the Spring of their second year.

                            ii.     Additional years as requested by the administrator’s supervisor.

                            iii.     Random sample of percentage of all college employees based on the number of administrators being evaluated. (example: 25% of employees each for 4 administrators are being evaluated).

b.    Submitted directly to President with name of reviewer optional.

3.    Presidential Observations (Annual)

Purpose of Administrator Evaluation:

  • Compliance with Minnesota Statute 43A.20 Performance Appraisal and Pay

  • Establish coming year Work Plan goals

  • Continuous improvement - To include:

o   Performance ratings

o   Merits

o   Professional Development Plans

Administrator Evaluation Tools:


  • Administrative Personnel Performance Review (annual) 
  • Administrator Feedback Form (and memo) (3 year rotation)
  • Current Work Plan goals

Current Rotation for Administrator Feedback Form

Year of Next Appraisal:

Will Bear* - FY 14
Roger Freeman - FY 14
Darren Hoff - FY 15
Mary Jacobson - FY 16 
Luanne Kane - FY 14
Kim Lynch - FY 16 
Nora Morris - FY 16 
Deidra Peaslee - FY 14
Marilyn Smith - FY 15
*Indicates new administrator evaluated the Spring of their second year  

Administrator Plan Statements

1.02, Definitions

"Administrators" are those unclassified employees in positionswhich meet the “managerial" definition outlined in Minnesota Statute§43A.02, Subd. 28. Administrators are staff who create or formulate, influence,or manage policy or direct the college/university system. Administrators makehigh level operating decisions in the college/university system or delegatesuch decisions to others.

Administrators include the Chancellor, presidents, vicepresidents/deans, vice chancellors, associate vice chancellors, directors inthe Office of the Chancellor, associate/assistant vice presidents/deans,deans/directors (academic/instructional programs), associate/assistantdeans/directors (academic/instructional programs) and other titles where theposition has the same responsibilities.

Additionally, administrators may include employees who:

(a) report directly to the Chancellor, president, vice president, vicechancellor, associate vice chancellor or directors in the Office of theChancellor and who meet the test for "managerial employee"; or

(b) meet the test for a "managerial employee," and areresponsible for academic research, academic public service responsibilitiesincluding institutional relations, alumni and foundation activities; academicprogram administration or academic program outreach, including curriculumdevelopment and implementation, instruction, or direction of a program havingdirect contact with students about financial aids, admissions and registration,placement, campus student life and development, or related educational programsand services.

Part 1.03, Subd. 3

(a) Employment At Will. Administrators serve at the pleasure of theChancellor/president and no provision of this Plan shall be construed to alterthe at-will nature of an administrator’s employment.

Administrators in acting, interim and temporary appointments may be terminatedwithout advance notice at any time, with or without cause.

Subd. 4

The Chancellor/president shall define and redefine the duties ofadministrators under his/her supervision. The Chancellor/president may at anytime reassign an administrator to another position within thecollege/university or Office of the Chancellor. Where a reassignment between acollege/university and the Office of the Chancellor is concerned, theChancellor and the president of the college/university shall consult with each otherand the individual prior to such reassignment. Reassignment betweencolleges/universities must be approved by the presidents of the affectedinstitutions and must be consistent with personnel policies and contractualprovisions. Such reassignment does not constitute a vacancy.  

Article 1.04 Evaluation,subd.2 states:

All other administrators shall be evaluated each fiscal year and a copyof the evaluation documentation shall be retained in the administrator'spersonnel file.


05.2011 Adopted

For Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) policies and procedures, go to http://www.mnscu.edu/board/policy/index.html