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Chapter 5: Administration

Policy 5A.1 Institutional Support: Communications Services
Procedure 5A.1/11 - Institutional Support: Communications Services
Policy 5B.1 Institutional Support: Publicity Services
Policy 5C.1 Institutional Support: Copier/Printer
Procedure 5C.1.11 - Institutional Support: Copier/Printer
Policy 5C.2 Lost and Found
Procedure 5C.2/11 - Lost and Found
Policy 5C.3 Complimentary Tickets
Policy 5D.1

Auxiliary Enterprises--Bookstores
Procedure 5D.1/11 - Auxiliary Enterprises--Bookstores
Procedure 5D.1/12 - Auxiliary Enterprises: Post- Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Textbooks & Materials

Policy 5E.1 General Facility Use
Procedure 5E.1/11 - General Facility Use
Policy 5F.1 Disposition of Property
Procedure 5F.1/11 - Disposition of Property
Policy 5F.2 Acceptance of Potentially Hazardous Materials 
Policy 5G.1 Space Management: Keys/Proximity Card Access
Procedure 5G.1/11 - Space Management: Keys/Proximity Card Access
Policy 5G.2 Fees
Procedure 5G.2/11 - PSEO Ineligibility
Policy 5G.3 Solicitation by Non-College Groups and Individuals
Policy 5G.4 Waiver of Admission Application Fee
Policy 5H.1 Parking (Fees and Enforcement)
Procedure 5H.1/11 - Parking (Fees and Enforcement)
Policy 5H.2 Refund of Tuition and Fees
Policy 5I.1 Entering into Contracts
Procedure 5I.1/11 - Entering into Contract
Policy 5J.1 Emergencies
Procedure 5J.1/11 - Emergencies
Policy 5J.2 Parking and Property
Policy 5J.3 Zero Tolerance for Violence in the Workplace
Procedure 5J.3/11 - Zero Tolerance for Violence in the Workplace
Policy 5J.4 Possession or Carry of Firearms
Policy 5J.5 Public Comments and Concerns 
Policy 5K.1 Transportation Services
Procedure 5K.1/11 - Transportation Services
Policy 5K.2 Travel by Students and Staff
Procedure 5K.2/11 - Travel: Using College Vehicles
Policy 5K.3

Reimbursement (Travel Expenses)


For Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) policies and procedures, go to http://www.mnscu.edu/board/policy/index.html