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Copier/Printer: Policy 5C.1

Procedure 5C.1/11 Institutional Support: Copier/Printer

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All requests for services require a request form with your 6-digit cost center code. Copy request forms may be obtained through a faculty secretary, the Information Center at both campuses, or from Central Services. All other copying may be processed on available copy machines by manually entering both your copier personal identification number (PIN) and cost center or by using your ID card and then entering your cost center. Contact Central Services for PIN.

Central Services Reproduction Guidelines

  1. Rush service (anything under 48 hours) is provided during and after service hours. Please do your best to plan ahead.
  2. Requests may be submitted through appropriate secretary, delivered to Central Services on a disk or by hard copy, or by completing the online Web Ticket. Courier service is available daily between campuses. Any work that requires copying of over 1,000 impressions must be reproduced in Central Services and requires Supervisor/Dean’s approval. Allow 2 to 3 days for materials to be processed and delivered.
    • All jobs will be printed back to back in booklet form unless otherwise requested.
    • Secretaries collate 11 x 17 booklets.
    • Stapling is provided for 8.5 x 11 jobs only.

    Except for regularly scheduled and recurring items, such as institutional reports, a minimum of 2-3 working days is required to fill requests consisting of more than 1,000 sheets.

    Dean/Administrator/Supervisor approval is required on requests that will total more than 1,000 impressions. Please allow time for Dean/Administrator/Supervisor approval when submitting your request. Dean/Administrator/Supervisor approval is also required for color printing requests that will total more than 100 impressions.

    Mail Service

    Printed materials being prepared and processed on campus for mailing, bulk or 1st class, must be brought to Central Services to confirm postal guideline conformity. Notify Central Services in advance of all bulk mailings, including those prepared by an outside vendor, to ensure sufficient funds are in the bulk mail account. Postal services in Cambridge are provided by the Information Desk.

    Postal regulations prohibit Central Services from accepting personal mail weighing 1 pound or more.

    Lamination/Transparency/Poster Service

    Central Services on the Coon Rapids Campus provides lamination service for copy up to 17 inches wide. Lamination in Cambridge is provided by faculty support in Instructional Services for copy up to 25 inches wide.

    Copier transparency film is available for regular and colored transparencies.

    Colored inkjet posters are printed on white paper in sizes ranging from 8.5 x 11” to 24x31”.

    • Files for posters can be designed in MS Office, PageMaker 6.5, Quark or PDF format.
    • All posters must have a minimum 1/2” margin throughout the document.
    • Requests for posters can be submitted via the Web Ticket and saved to N:\Shared\Admin\CentralServices\Posters .

    Evening staff must complete a request form available at the Information Desk or a faculty secretary office. The completed form and originals to be copied should be submitted to Information Desk or placed in a faculty secretary office. Allow 2-3 days for materials to be returned.

    All other copying may be done on satellite copy machines with the use of a copier PIN and cost center.


    10.2001 Amended
    08.2004 Technical changes, including combining two procedures into a single document
    05.2005 Amended
    07.2011 Technical changes

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