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Procedure 5F.1/11 Disposition of Property

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  1. Movement of equipment from one location to another must be reported to the Business Office by the department head, using a form available from the Business Office. Whenever inventory valued at over $500 needs to be disposed of, the department head also needs to make the request on the appropriate form.
  2. Equipment that is damaged or broken beyond repair must be reported to the Business Office so that proper procedures will be followed before the items are disposed of.
  3. Disposal Procedure
    Equipment that is no longer needed will be declared surplus by the appropriate dean. The appropriate form should be signed and submitted to the Business Office stating description of the item, condition, age and the value. The asset tag should be pulled from the item and attached to the form. Maintenance should be contacted to dispose of the item. All surplus items will be listed in our College Bulletin, notification sent to MnSCU and then sent to the State Inventory Management Office for Statewide publication.
    Monthly surplus catalog: The State Department of Administration publishes a monthly catalog listing of surplus equipment available throughout the state. Anoka Ramsey receives approximately two such catalogs per month. The Vice President will make the catalog available to the different departments.

    Any transfer of equipment from another state agency will be handled through the Vice President. The Business Office should be notified of any equipment brought on campus.

    Any transfer to another agency must be handled through the Business Office. It will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. No other personnel has the authority to transfer equipment to another state agency.
  4. Removal Procedure
    Complete and submit to the Business Office the appropriate form with the requested information. If an item is going to move to the other campus, note that on the form. Leave the asset tag on the item. Maintenance should be contacted to move the item.
  5. Equipment that is stolen must be reported immediately to the Business Office. The Coon Rapids or Cambridge Police Department will be called and a police report will be filed. The police report with a 761 form (Request for Property Disposition) and a 782 form (Stolen, Lost or Damaged Property Report) has to be sent in to the state.

For Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) policies and procedures, go to http://www.mnscu.edu/board/policy/index.html