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Fast Facts

2004 - 2009 Designs for Distinction Strategic Plan

A learner-focused institution, Anoka-Ramsey Community College will strategically fulfill educational and training needs of the community through continuous program development and enhancement. Decision-making will be guided by a culture of ongoing assessment and research in all areas, especially in student learning, program planning and review, and institutional effectiveness (including enrollment management).

Strategic Objective I

Anoka-Ramsey Community College will excel in teaching and learning by promoting and demonstrating classroom effectiveness; applying innovative strategies to enhance teaching and learning; and increasing student success as measured by student learning, achievement of student goals, and student contributions to the community.

To do this, ARCC will:

  • Establish a successful and sustainable student learning assessment program and create a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Identify and encourage best practices for classroom implementation.

Strategic Objective II

Anoka-Ramsey Community College will excel in student development and support services.

To do this, ARCC will:

  • Establish an enrollment management plan that targets recruitment, retention, and student development strategies for all populations, especially underserved learners.
  • Enhance student leadership growth opportunities outside the classroom.
  • Enhance online/automated student support services.

Strategic Objective III

Anoka-Ramsey Community College will be the college of choice for faculty and staff.

To do this, ARCC will:

  • Hire and retain high quality faculty and staff.
  • Nurture a climate of leadership and professional development.
  • Enhance institutional culture.
  • Foster diversity across the college.

Strategic Objective IV

Anoka-Ramsey Community College will become a higher education portal.

To do this, ARCC will:

  • Use market research to assess and analyze the need for a higher education portal.
  • If need is established, submit proposal to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System to become the pilot for the higher education portal concept.
  • Establish a collaborative action plan with partnering institutions, outlining goals for seamless student support services, program delivery methods, staffing, accountability, technology, marketing plan, library services, etc.
  • Identify and secure resources for the technology and staffing necessary to support the portal.
  • Complete the activities outlined in the plan and launch portal.

Strategic Objective V

Anoka-Ramsey Community College will enhance existing career and transfer programs and establish new areas of study that respond to the needs of the community, employers, and the state.

To do this, ARCC will:

  • Establish a program review process that results in continuous academic programming improvement.
  • Expand the college’s reputation as a provider of a strong liberal arts program.
  • Increase the number of articulation and joint admission agreements with Minnesota public and private colleges and universities.
  • Establish a systematic plan for delivery and improvement of online courses and programs.
  • Establish institutional distinction for biomedical technology.
  • Expand current allied health programs.
  • Propose ten new and/or enhanced programs that are supportive of the Academic Master Plan, of which two or more will be new and interdisciplinary programs in allied health.
  • Develop teaching and entrepreneurial centers.

Strategic Objective VI

Anoka-Ramsey Community College will strengthen institutional advancement with increased visibility and involvement in the community.

To do this, ARCC will:

  • Foster a dynamic, living strategic plan through thoughtful implementation, communication, and evaluation.
  • Increase public awareness of ARCC.
  • Increase recognition of faculty achievements.
  • Strengthen community, business, and economic development involvement and relationships.
  • Foster a safe, collegial environment.
  • Establish an alumni program.
  • Increase external funding.