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50 Things To Do at Anoka-Ramsey


50 Things To Do at Anoka-Ramsey

50. Join the college choir, and SING!

49. Talk to your instructors or the Office of Civic Learning about an internship!

48. Join student government – valuable experience even if you have no desire to work in government!

47. Volunteer to be a tour guide for Admissions!

46. Visit the other campus (if you’re in Coon Rapids, visit Cambridge and vice versa).

45. Cheer for the latest edition to the Golden Rams athletic family – the fastpitch softball team!

44. Become a “fan” of Anoka-Ramsey Community College on Facebook and follow the college on Twitter.

43. Enroll in the Career Development course –students have been amazed at what they learned about themselves.

42. Use “ASK US!” – see if you can stump the advisors!

41. Volunteer through the Office of Civic Learning.

40. Hang out in the Mosaic Center.

39. Support the Golden Rams soccer team!

38. Get help with classes at one of the Academic Support Centers; if you know a subject really well, look into being a tutor.

37. Offer to help with alumni events – it’s a great way to network!

36. Say “hi” to the people at the Information Desk.

35. Ask the librarians to help you find information for a class – they know a LOT

of information!

34. Stop by the bookstore and purchase some Anoka-Ramsey gear.

33. Go to at least one of the cultural events series performances!

32. Go to a Golden Rams baseball game!

31. Work out at the fitness center – all you need is your student ID.

30. Hang out in the student center between classes.

29. When the weather is nice, do your homework riverside.

28. Volunteer to help build a set for a Theatre production.

27. Stretch your artistic talents – register for glass blowing, ceramics or one of many other art courses!

26. Support the Theatre Department by attending one of their plays/musicals (or audition for one)!

25. Get the high score on one of the arcade games in the Student Center.

24. Attend a Visiting Writer forum; you may be inspired to write your own story.

23. Enroll in a Health/Physical Education/Recreation course that you have never tried before (snowboarding or karate anyone?)

22. Save some lives by giving blood at one of the Anoka-Ramsey blood drives!

21. Plan events for one of the campuses by joining the Student Life Committee!

20. Is your GPA over 3.5? Join Phi Theta Kappa – the only recognized honor society for two-year colleges!

19. Attend Visiting Artists’ exhibits and lectures.

18. Complete your associate’s degree in five semesters with Saturday classes!

17. Cheer for the Golden Rams volleyball team.

16. Read the student newspapers, the “Rampage” and “Ink Spot”, or even submit an article!

15. Go to transfer fairs on campus to learn about various opportunities and even schedule some campus visits!

14. Take an online class!

13. Study abroad in China, England or Costa Rica!

12. Attend the many helpful workshops, from test success to time management.

11. Join a student club or organization. If you don’t see one that you like, create one of your own.

10. Get to know an advisor or counselor in Counseling and Advising Services (they can help you get on track for success at Anoka-Ramsey)!

9. Play darts or billiards between classes in the student center!

8. Brush up on your math skills with professional and peer tutors in the Math Skills and Advising Center on the Coon Rapids campus!

7. Attend a Golden Rams basketball game!

6. Support the artists by purchasing some art at the student art sale!

5. Visit the Writing Center for assistance with that final draft.

4. Spend Saturday afternoon exploring the art of painting or discussing energy issues in a weekend!

3. Visit the Mosaic Center at the Coon Rapids Campus.

2. Take advantage of great fitness centers at each campus or organize a pick-up game of volleyball or basketball!

1.  Check out the great artwork at both campuses (Coon Rapids Campus has a Great River Gallery just past the Information Desk).