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An important part of your college search is discovering whether you feel comfortable on a college campus. To get a sense of life at our Cambridge Campus or Coon Rapids Campus, we welcome you to schedule a tour today!

Campus Events

Coon Rapids Campus:

Campus Tours

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Interest Nights

These events offer the opportunity to meet with Admissions Advisors and departmental faculty from the highlighted areas as well as participate in a campus tour. Please RSVP below to available sessions:

Business Programs RSVP  April 21st 5-6:30pm


Cambridge Campus:

For tours or questions regarding Cambridge, please contact Cambridge Admissions Advisor, Anna, at 763-433-1879


Two Riverside Campuses

Anoka-Ramsey is located on the Rum River in Cambridge and the Mississippi River in Coon Rapids. The scenic campuses offer a serene setting conducive to teaching and learning.

 Cambridge Patio Dedication                    
 Coon Rapids Campus fall picnic

Attendees listened to speakers during the April 2009 Cambridge Campus Patio
Grand Opening who talked about the positive impact that the college has made
on the community.

Students, faculty, and staff enjoy the view of the Mississippi
River during the annual fall picnic on the Coon Rapids Campus.






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