Anoka-Ramsey Community College uses the following grading system.

Grading Information
A Superior Achievement—4 grade points per credit.
B Above Average Achievement—3 grade points per credit.
C Average Achievement—2 grade points per credit.
D Below Average Achievement—1 grade point per credit.
F Inadequate Achievement—0 grade points per credit (assigned to courses numbered 1000-level or above).
NC No Credit—Inadequate Achievement (assigned to courses numbered below 1000-level and to Competency-Based Education courses).
P Passing—Issued for work that is judged average ("C") or above and suitable for transfer (Pass/Fail options are arranged with your instructor and limited to no more than 20 credits at ARCC).
AU Audit—Allows a student to register, pay and attend, but does not grant a course credit. Audits are student initiated and must be declared at time of registration.
EX Exchange—Credits taken prior to Spring 2007 at another college under a consortium arrangement are not included in GPA calculation. Beginning Spring 2007, students will receive grades of A-F and are included in the GPA.
I Incomplete—A temporary grade based on a written agreement between a student and faculty member. This grade may be assigned if a student is doing satisfactory work, has met a majority of course requirements, and is unable to complete the work of a course due to illness or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control. An “I” grade automatically becomes an “F” grade (or “NC” for courses numbered below 1000) at the end of the next semester (not including the summer session) if requirements have not been satisfactorily met. The faculty member has the option of setting an earlier completion date.
W Withdrawal—Withdrawals must be requested by deadlines listed in the course schedule (withdrawals are student initiated)
Z Grades for class or classes that are currently in progress

Grading decisions supported by published policies or stated expectations of faculty are not appealable.

Grade Reports

Your grade report is accessible online through use of your Student/Tech ID and PIN. Grade reports are not mailed unless you have made prior arrangements with the Records Office.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Only the letter grades (A, B, C, D and F) are utilized in determining your Grade Point Average (GPA). While other grading options are not computed in GPA, they do count towards registered credits.

Grade point total is the sum of grade points earned as determined by multiplying the grade point value of the grade by the number of course credits.

Grade Point Average is the quotient of the grade point total divided by the grade point credits.

Repeating Courses

Students may repeat a course for the purpose of achieving a higher grade or to review course material. While all grades remain on the transcript, only the most recent grade of a course will be used to compute the GPA.

Certain courses attempted more than twice will require the student to register as a non-credit student on a space available basis. Space available requires that the course have at least one space open for registration on or after the second day of the term. Registration for these courses will be assessed the non-credit registration amount. See the course schedule for specific courses.

Military veterans may not be eligible for tuition reimbursement for repeated courses. Veterans should see the Veterans Certifying Official on campus for more information, or call the Records department at 763-433-1400.


Students with prior coursework at another college, university or vocational school who are planning to earn a degree from Anoka-Ramsey Community College should submit official transcripts from each institution to the Records Office. Transcripts will be evaluated during your first term of enrollment.

General Transfer Guidelines: Anoka-Ramsey Community College will consider for transfer college-level coursework completed at a degree-granting college accredited by one of the regional associations of colleges and schools, or by a comparable international college or university. Regional accreditation for this policy is defined as the accreditation conferred by The Higher Learning Commission: – a Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in the central United States, and by parallel accrediting agencies in other regions of the United States. MnTC goal areas completed at a transferring institution will be accepted as completing the same goal areas at ARCC.

Residency Requirement: To earn a degree through Anoka-Ramsey, at least twenty (20) semester credits must be earned at Anoka-Ramsey. Students transferring in at least eight (8) semester credits from another MnSCU college or the University of Minnesota may reduce the residency requirement from 20 to 12 credits.

GPA and Grades: All college courses in which a student has received a grade of A, B, C, D or P will be considered for transfer evaluation. If a student’s cumulative GPA at the originating institution is less than 2.0, no “D” grades will be accepted in transfer from that school, unless the course meets a MnTC goal at the originating college. Transfer credit grades will not be used in computing the student’s GPA at ARCC; however, beginning Spring 2007, consortium credits taken at other institutions will be included in the GPA calculation for students receiving financial aid. Only earned credits (not grade point credits or grade points) will be recorded on the official Anoka-Ramsey transcript.

Comparability: Courses approved for transfer must be comparable in nature, content, and level and match at least 75% of the content and goals of the course for which the student is seeking equivalent credit. Students should retain all course syllabi with their personal college records for future reference.

Time Limit: General education, general studies, and elective credits shall have no transfer time limit. The timelines of credits applied to career programs will be considered when evaluating transfer credits.

Equivalency/Conversion: The number of transfer credits granted per course shall not exceed the number granted by the originating institution. The conversion of quarter hours to semester hours is .66 semester hours for each quarter hour.

Repeated Transfer Courses: When a student transfers in courses and later successfully repeats a comparable course at Anoka-Ramsey, only credit from Anoka-Ramsey will be granted.

Military Credits: Credits achieved through military training will be considered for transfer. Students must submit a military transcript for evaluation. Students must also submit a transcript from all colleges they have attended.

CBE Credits: Competency-Based Education credits transfer as general electives unless approved for other distribution requirements.

Technical College Credits: Anoka-Ramsey only accepts, in transfer and for full credit, college-equivalent general education courses offered by technical colleges with regional accreditation (or candidacy) to provide transfer-level general education courses leading to a degree or certificate.

Maxiumum Transfer Credit to Anoka-Ramsey: Anoka-Ramsey accepts for transfer, as electives, a maximum of 16 semester credits of college-level vocational or technical courses offered by technical colleges with regional accreditation.


Conduct your own degree audit! The Degree Audit Report System (DARS) delivers a degree audit and evaluation of the coursework necessary to complete your degree at Anoka-Ramsey. is a free web-based transfer system, providing direct access to course acceptability, equivalency and applicability among participating institutions across Minnesota and the United States.


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