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Areas Of Exploration

Who Should Enroll

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

"The knowledge and skills I have gained in this course will help me stay in college, stay focused on my college goals, stay motivated, and help me get my dream job."

"My learning in this course will definitely guide me in the right direction.  It has given me the tools I need to succeed.  It has taught me to believe in myself and how to help others.  The activities help because they are small steps to the big picture."

"My behaviors and actions have changed this semester.  I have procrastinated less, learned to speak with professors, gained a positive attitude in negative situations and scored higher on tests!"

"I have learned how to avoid procrastination and to set aside time for my studies.  Also, to ask questions and utilize the help the college offers (ex: advisors, counselors, tutors, etc.)."