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General Education Requirements: Creative Writing Emphasis - Associate in Arts Degree

General Education/MnTC Requirements    40 credits

1.  Communication (two courses required)
  ENGL 1121* 4
  CMST 1110 OR CMST 2215 OR CMST 2220 3
2.  Critical Thinking (at least three courses)
3.  Natural Science
  (one course required in both B and C, one course must include a lab)
A. Lab
  B. Physical Science
  C. Biological Science
4.  Mathematical/Logical Reasoning
  At least one course from the following: 
MATH 1100, 1110, 1120, 1200, 1201, 1210, 1310, 1400, 1401 
or PHIL 1105
5.  History/Social/Behavioral Sciences
  (at least two courses; one from each of two categories)
  A. Economics/Geography
  B. Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology
  C. History/Political Science
6.  Humanities/Fine Art
  (at least three courses; one from each of two categories)
  A. Literature and Creative Writing  
            ENGL 2202 is required
  B. Humanities/Philosophy
  C. Art/Music/Theatre
7.  Human Diversity (at least one course)
8.  Global Perspective (at least one course)
9.  Ethical/Civic Responsibility (at least one course)
10.  People and the Environment (at least one course)

Distribution requirements are satisfied through completion of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). These criteria must be met to complete the MnTC:
  1. All ten emphasis areas listed must be completed.
  2. A total of at least 40 semester credits from courses listed in the MnTC must be satisfactorily completed. The additional 8 credits to meet the required 40 MnTC credits are embedded in the Program Requirements, as well as satisfying 6 of the 10 goal areas of the MnTC. One course may satisfy more than one emphasis area, but the course credits may be counted only once.
  3. A 2.0 MnTC GPA is required for recognition of a student’s completion of the entire Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, with or without  completing an associate degree.

* Course has a prerequisite. Prerequisites are listed on the courses' schedule and in the ARCC Catalog Course Descriptions pages.



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