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General Education Requirements: Theatre - Associate in Fine Arts Degree

35 credits

1. Communication (two courses required)
  ENGL 1121* 4
  SPCH 1110 OR SPCH2220 3
2. Critical Thinking (satisfied with required coursework)
3. Natural Science (two courses required; one must be a lab course)
  Physical Science (one course required)
  Biological Science (one course required: BIOL 1103 is recommended)
4. Mathematical/Logical Reasoning
  (demonstrated competency and one course required)
  Demonstrated competency in mathematics achieved by one of the following: Grade of C or higher in MATH 0210 OR 0220 OR placement on math placement test at MATH 1000-level or above
  (One course required - PHIL 1105 is recommended) 3
5. History/Social/Behavioral Sciences (two courses required)
  Economics/Geography or C. History/Political Science:
(One course required)
(One course required: PSYC 1110 is recommended)
6. Humanities/Fine Art
  Literature OR B. Humanities/Philosophy
(one course required: ENGL 2207 is recommended)

  Art/Music/Theatre (satisfied with required THTR courses)
7. Human Diversity(one course required: PSYC 1110 is recommended)
8. Global Perspective (one course required)
9. Ethical/Civic Responsibility (one course required)  3
10. People and the Environment
(one course is required: BIOL 1103 is recommended)
  Plus 2 additional credits from MnTC

Complete all ten areas of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), including all courses listed. Additional credits needed to meet the 40-credit MnTC are fulfilled through the Program Requirements (see * above). One course may satisfy more than one emphasis area, but the course credits may be counted only once.

* Courses has a prerequisite. Prerequisites are listed on the courses schedule and in the ARCC Catalog.

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