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Program Goals

Program Requirements

General Education

Completion Requirements

Requirements: Accounting- Associate in Science Degree Program

Program Requirements                             30 credits

BUS 1104 Written Business Communications 3
BUS 1112 Computer Concepts and Applications 3
BUS 1125 Financial Accounting 4
BUS 1130 Accounting Fundamentals 1
BUS 1140 Applied Accounting     1
BUS 2126* Managerial Accounting 4
ECON 2206 Principles of Microeconomics 3
MATH 1110* Introduction to Statistics 3

Select one of the following options:
Option A:
Any 8 credits of upper division accounting courses at a bachelor’s degree-granting institution.
Note: Agreements exist with Metropolitan and Bemidji State Universities whereby ARCC students may enroll in accounting courses offered by those institutions in order to complete the requirements of this degree. Metropolitan or Bemidji State University tuition and fee rates apply.

Metropolitan State University courses taught at ARCC:

 ACCT 310** Financial Reporting 4 credits

Many upper division accounting courses are offered online by Bemidji State University (as its accounting degree may be completed entirely online).

Option B: Four credits of BUS 2233 at ARCC and 4 credit of upper division accounting

BUS 2233*—Intermediate Accounting (4 cr) completion of this course will generally transfer as an elective.

Any 4 credits of upper-division accounting courses at a bachelor’s degree-granting institution.

Additional coursework/experience in electronic spreadsheet skills (such as BUS 1143) is strongly recommended.

*Course has a prerequisite. Prerequisites are listed on the course schedule and in the ARCC Catalog Course Descriptions pages.

**Course has a prerequisite. Prerequisites are listed in the Metropolitan State University Catalog.



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