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General Information: (763) 433-1100
General Fax: (763) 433-1521
Safety & Security: (763) 433-1330
Facilities: (763) 433-1540


  Vikki Dahlvang
Office: CR-B217, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 576-4147

  Salomey Dankwah
Financial Aid
Office: CR-SC251B, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1102

  Scott Danneman
Office: CR-S101, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1509

  Data Center
Office of Information Technology
Office: CR-L116, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1515

  Data Center
Office of Information Technology
Office: CC-F108, Cambridge Campus
(763) 433-1913

  John Davis
Office of Information Technology
Office: CC-F208A, Cambridge Campus
(763) 433-1233

Jessica DeBoer
Office: AN-128, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 576-4077

  Patrice Degerstrom
Office: offsite, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 422-6098

  Lynne Degerstrom
Office: CC-E134, Cambridge Campus
(763) 433-1957

  Jennifer DeJarlais
Office: CC-F115, Cambridge Campus
(763) 433-1819

Peter DeLong
Office: CR-SC273A, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1728

  Diane Denbeste
Business Office
Office: CR-SC250-09, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1172

  Fernande Deno
Office: CR-B227, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1192

  Tom Deroush
Public Safety
Office: CR-C107B, Coon Rapids Campus

  David DeWitt
Office: CR-G210, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1162

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