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General Information: (763) 433-1100
General Fax: (763) 433-1521
Safety & Security: (763) 433-1330
Facilities: (763) 433-1540


  Elisabeth Palmer
Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Office: CR-C230, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1155

  Neil Palosaari
Office: CR-SC273A, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1862

  Gina Pancerella-Willis
Office: CR-L217, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1197

  Darla Paradise
Human Resources
Office: CC-D231, Cambridge Campus
(763) 433-1932

  Sarah Patnode
Professional Workforce Training
Office: AN-164, Anoka Technical College
(763) 576-4128

  Jennifer Pearson Hennen
Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Office: CR-C228B, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1689

  Deidra Peaslee
Educational Services
Office: CC-F218, Cambridge Campus
Office: CR-C263, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1829

  Sadie Pendaz
Office: CR-SC273a, Coon Rapids Campus
Office: CC-F115, Cambridge Campus
(763) 433-1816

Aaron Peterson
Financial Aid
Office: CR-SC250E-01, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1287

  Gail Peterson
Human Resources
Office: CR-C146B, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1448

Pamela Peterson
Educational Services
Office: CC-F115B, Cambridge Campus
(763) 433-1887

  Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) CC - MAIN
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
(763) 433-1970

  Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) CR - MAIN
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
(763) 433-1570

Patricia Pieper
Office: CR-S205, Coon Rapids Campus
(763) 433-1354
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  Crystal Pierce
Natural Science
Office: CC-F115, Cambridge Campus
(763) 433-1883

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