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Activities at Anoka-Ramsey Community College

The multitude of vibrant activities are a vital aspect of college life at Anoka-Ramsey. Students, alumni and community members are welcome to take part in the variety clubs, organizations and events. The Student Activities Office on both each campus supports extra-curricular programming designed to supplement your courses.  Academic clubs, civic and social clubs and organizations, and other student activities, which are offered for optional credit are available.  In addition, the Student Activities Office sponsors numerous social, educational, and cultural events throughout the year, including concerts, art exhibits, speakers, and movies.

If, however, your interest isn't represented and you'd like to form your own club, you’re welcome to meet with the Coordinator of Student Activities. Our Clubs and Organizations Guide will help you start a club or guide you through your participation in a club.  Club forms are available on the Student Forms web page.

Cambridge: Cindi Gilbert

Coon Rapids: Joyce Traczyk


Student Life Committee/Campus Programming Board

The Student Life Committees of both campuses and the Campus Programming Board on the Coon Rapids Campus are crucial in determining student programming for each campus, including comedy events, lectures, live entertainment, etc.

Cambridge: Cindi Gilbert

Coon Rapids: Joyce Traczyk

Check out Cambridge Campus-Student Activities spreadsheet for club details.

Check out Coon Rapids Campus-Student Activities spreadsheet for club details.

Adult Transition Club

The Adult Transition Club provides non-traditional students a place to share experiences and support each other as they find a sense of "balance" in their lives with returning to school.  Because there are unique challenges to returning to education, we collaboratively explore solutions and encourage each other.

Coon Rapids:  Jan Pomeroy

Anime Association

The purpose of this club is to spread the appreciation of anime and other visual cultures.

Coon Rapids:  Anthony Marchetti

Art Club

Provides regular opportunities to discuss ideas pertaining to art.  Hosts opportunities to display and sell artist wares.

Cambridge:  Marko Marian

Coon Rapids:  Laura Migliorino

Astronomy Club

To promote interest in the field of astronomy through discussion of current events and by offering students the opportunity to attend observation nights on campus

Coon Rapids: Ed Wehling

Biology Club

Promotes fun and fellowship for students interested in biology. Works to enhance local natural areas, raises awareness of health issues, etc.

Coon Rapids: Joan McKearnan

Biz-Tech Club (Business Technology Club)

For students interest in Business and Technology, this club educates students about the application of technology in business and industry.

Cambridge/Coon Rapids:   Michael Grzincich

Black Student Union

Provides academic and social support to all students who are interested in learning about African history, culture, and the African higher education experience.

Coon Rapids:  Venoreen Browne-Boatswain

Capitalism Club

To spread knowledge of economic systems to students in an objective manner.

Cambridge:  Joe Schoen

Campus Democrats and Progressives

Encourages political discussion, activism, and knowledge to promote progressive policies.

Coon Rapids:  Matt Schuster

Campus Republican and Conservatives

Promotes conservative ideas by hosting speakers, debates, and leadership seminars.

Coon Rapids:  Candace Blazek

Ceramic Guild

Promotes an anwareness of the ceramic arts by providing students the opportunity to teach at various community facilities.

Coon Rapids:  Mark Lambert, Mary Roettger

Cheer Squad

The purpose of the Anoka-Ramsey Cheer Squad is to promote and uphold team school spirit to the students and faculty at the college and in the community around us.  This club will better themselves as cheerleaders through physical and leadership skills.

Coon Rapids:  Barbara Sandarin

Chemistry Club

Provides students with opportunities to enhance their interest in chemistry and related fields, and to help prepare them for achieving their chemistry related career goals. Activities include outreach, field trips, and fellowship.

Coon Rapids: Vicky MacMurdo

Communication Club

This club is open to all students on campus and will serve the purpose of furthering communication skills by:  researching communication topics, investigating common communication errors and issues, building relationships within the Anoka-Ramsey Community College community and beyond, helping students prepare for life after Anoka-Ramsey Community College with greater communication skills and connections.

Advisor:  Heidi Croatt

Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) Club

The purpose of this club is to promote the positive development and image of the Integrative Health and Healing program;  to provide networking opportunities and camaraderie; to provide a venue for growth, learning and expanding awareness of complementary and alternative medicine.

Coon Rapids: Valerie Lis

Computer Science Club

To provide interest in computer science and provide a network of individuals interested in computer sciences.  To participate in competitions and solve computing, programming problems.

Coon Rapids:  Tim Wrenn

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club provides opportunities for students interested in writing poetry, fiction, and crative non-fiction.  The Rapids Review and The Spirit River Review literary and arts magazines are published by the members of the Creative Writing Club.

Cambridge:  William Breen 

Coon Rapids: Jasmin Ziegler


The CRU club welcomes students from all denominations, as well as those with no church affililation.  Supports and encourages students through Bible studies and other Christian activities.

Coon Rapids:  Tim Sheehan

Diversity Club

Spread awareness and understanding of all types of diversity, while creating a safe space in which people can share thir stories and concerns.  Collaborate with other clubs and organizations to further community understanding and collaboration.

Cambridge:  Sarah Ngo

Drama Club

For students interest in all aspects of theatre, assist with one on-campus play production per year.

Cambridge:  Lisa Weaver

Engineering and Physics Club

Opportunity for students to participate in tours of interest or complete projects, such as, a "Battle Bot" competition.

Coon Rapids: Bill Saari, Dierk Hofreiter

Environmental Club

Helps students become environmentally knowledgeable while working toward achieving equilibrium between quality of life and quality of the environment.

Cambridge:  Peter Wahlstrom

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

The GSA at Anoka-Ramsey Community College educates on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight issues; and works toward eliminating intolerance and prejudice.  Encourages informal activities which foster healthy social interactions, understanding, and acceptance. 

Cambridge:  Mackenzie Krzmarzick

Coon Rapids:  Jim Biederman

Green Dot Club

The purpose of this club is to educate others about the issues surrounding power based personal violence and safe intervention.

        Coon Rapids:  Nancy Elk

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA): 

Enhance the delivery of quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health and science education students.

Cambridge:  Mary Januschka

Hearts Ablaze Christian Club

Create a sense of community for Christian students on campus.  Promote and organize events that are relevant to Anoka-Ramsey Community College students.

Cambridge:  Brad Wold

Literature Club

Aims at fostering a love for books and literature as well as promoting literary activities.

Cambridge:  Jennifer Hutchens 

Math Club

The Math Club encourages the enjoyment of mathematics. Sponsors student participation in mathematical conferences and competitions.

Coon Rapids: Mark Omodt

Multicultural Student Club

The Multicultural Student Club is open to all students interested in promoting cultural diversity and creating a welcoming environment for students of diverse cultures.  Meets and discusses issues related to a variety of cultures and cultural experiences.  The club also eats out at ethnic restaurants and attends cultural events in the twin cities.

Coon Rapids:  Kristin Doneen

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association provides opportunities designed to enrich the Muslim faith, life, and to educate non-Muslims about Islam.

Coon Rapids:  Vicki MacMurdo, Patty Pieper

Nontraditional Student Guild

The Nontraditional Student Guild offers a friendly opportunity to talk with other non-traditional students in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.  Members gather for conversation that is relevant to the adult learner's challenges in academia.

Coon Rapids:  Jan Pomeroy

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa offers opportunities for academically exceptional students.  Phi Theta Kappa is the international honors society for two-year colleges, which recognizes scholarship among community college students and provides members with leadership, fellowship, and service opportunities.

Cambridge:  Daniel Harmon

Coon Rapids:  John Herbert

Physical Therapist Assistant Club

The purpose of this club is to provide an environment open to current and prospective physical therapist assistant students to get involved with community/campus activities to promote the awareness of physical therapy and ARCC.

Advisor:  Shawn Johnson

Pray A.R. Club

The purpose of this club is to pray for Anoka-Ramsey Community College, the staff, faculty and students; to amalgamate Anoka-Ramsey Community College with the local churches and religious organizations within the community and to fellowship together around God's word.

Advisor:  Melissa Bergstrom

Pre-Vet and Pre-Med Club

To give the pre-vent, pre-med student, or anyone else that would want to join, a chance to see the many opportunities within human and veterinary medicine.  To help these students overcome bariers which may confront them at the beginning stages of their educational journey.

Coon Rapids:  Debby Filler

Pro-Life Club

The purpose of this club is to educate students about issues related to the value, dignity and truth about human life and to provide students with meaningful oppotunities of activism in the larger pro-life cause.

Coon Rapids: Jennifer Liberty Clark

Psi Beta

Psi Beta, a national honor society in psychology, supports students' intereste in and dedication to the field of psychology and scholastic achievement.

Coon Rapids:  Jim Biederman

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club promotes activities and awareness of mental health issues.

Cambridge:  Fran Bieganek 

Coon Rapids: Masataka Nunokawa

Society for Creative Anachronism
An international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th
century Europe.

Coon Rapids:

STEM Chicks

The purpose of this club is to support female students interested in majors or careers in STEM, sponsor speakers, provide resources, reach out to girls in K-12, an promote interest in STEM to the greater community.

Coon Rapids:   Nina Bohrod

Student Nurses Association

Provides programs of fundamental interests to nursing students.  Aid in development of professional role and responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life.

Cambridge: Gwen O'Brien

Coon Rapids:  Shandell Ferguson

Swing Dancing Club

Provides the opportunity to let out some built up energy.  Even if you have never swing danced before, come to learn.  Wear comfortable shoes.

Coon Rapids:  Julie Readinger

Theatre Club

The purpose of this club is to encourage students who share an interest, passion, or love for any and all theatre arts.  To encourage education about theatre through active involvement in activities, workshops, productions, and instruction.  Also, to manifest a perpetual interest for all forms of performance art, and to provide opportunities for additional growth within the individual, the club, and the community.

Coon Rapids:  Peter Lerohl

Veterans & Military Students Organization

Creates a community of students who are interested in supporting veteran and/or military issues and encourage public awareness of the unique needs of veteran student on campus.

Cambridge:  Isabelle Schmidt

Coon Rapids:  Jeff Poole





College Operator

Coordinator of Student Activities  - Coon Rapids

Coordinator for Student Activities  - Cambridge


Club forms are available on the
Student Forms web page.