Student Government Members - Coon Rapids

The students from Anoka-Ramsey Community College volunteer their efforts and time to make the Student Government work.  Meetings are from 2:00 to 3:30 every Wednesday.  Feel free to stop in and see what it is about, a commitment is not required!    Also make note that you can arrive and stay as long as you can or wish, however we would prefer you stay until the end of the meeting if possible.  Meetings are held in room H154.

Executive Board Members - "E-Board" 

President - Thomas Berg - "I became involved with Student Government when I was a student at Anoka Technical College.  I started with the simple questions, "Where is my money going?".  I became Vice-President there, and worked on several success projects to ensure students had the support they needed to be successful.

Several years later, I find myself the President of the Student Government here at Anoka-Ramsey Coon Rapids.  I work on everything from meeting students one-on-one to help them seek their path in higher education, to working in St. Paul on the MnSCU Transfer Oversight Committee to ensure that path is accessible."

Favorite color:  Black
Favorite food:  Chori Pollo (look it up, it's worth it)
Favorite song:  At the moment it is Destroy, Erase, Improve by Meshuggah
Career interest:  Psychology

Vice President - Kevin Parker - "How I got involved in Student Government:  I was spoken to by the previous Student Government president, I was interested, and I was recruited.

I run and participate in various committees, always volunteer to help when my time allows, and work to educate other students and answer any questions that come my way.  Also, always, always, always advocating for students in any way possible.  I am Vice President of the Student Government.  I help other cabinet members with their jobs, among the above listed work.

I like socializing, meeting people, playing the occasional video game whenever I have the time.  Seeing new things, exploring new places, I love new experiences.  Still, there's something to be said for having a few good friends over and just relaxing."

Favorite color:  Black, or a very dark forest green
Favorite food:  I love cheeseburgers.  I consider myself a cheeseburger connoisseur
Favorite song:  Consequence by the Notwist
Career interest:  As of yet, unsure.  Something where I work with people.

Director of Communications - Theodore E. Parker - "My name is Theodore C. Parker, I go by Ted, I'm just an average student that likes to give guidance to others and naturally found myself in student government, I have been appointed to my position of Director of Communications for Student Government to help our students find the correct outlet for assistance."

Favorite color:  Forest green
Favorite food:  I love Mandarin Buffet
Favorite song:  I enjoy many songs but crave Celtic hymns
Career interest:  Field Biology

Public Relations Coordinator - Goldie Obasi - "How I got involved in Student Government:  I was recruited (dragged against my will).  I am (now) on the advertising committee and I sit on the campus programming board (I am also head of) Public Relations - I publicize Student Government throughout the year, (through) Rampage articles and flyers."

Favorite color:  Fall-leaf maple red
Favorite food:  PB & J and Tacos
Favorite song:  Seasons of Love
Career interest:  Animal-Assisted Child Therapist or School Psychologist

Clubs Coordinator - Felicia Lockrem - "My friend brought me to a Student Government meeting by a friend, and saw all the things they did and all the opportunities to get involved.  Through Student Government I have been able to attend leadership conferences over the state; I have been able to sit on committees to give the students a voice.  I have had some great networking opportunities and been able to add lists of things to my resume.

This year I am on the executive board as the Clubs Coordinator.  Some of my responsibilities are; guiding the clubs throughout the year, assisting them with things they may need, sitting on the Campus Programming Board, and updating the Senate on club activities."

Favorite color:  Purple (or TARDIS blue)!
Favorite food:  Pizza, pasta, or desserts
Favorite song:  Cornerstone by Hillsong or Beloved by Tenth Avenue North
Career interest:  School Counseling

Tech Liason - Alexis Dykema - "I read about studnet government on flyers around the school, found the office, and from that point I never really left.  I participated in something like it in high school, so I wanted to give this a shot.

I am the Technology Liason, so I meet with the technology committees and help facilitate technology communication.  Student government is really fun fi you're willing to put the time into ti, there are a lot of awesome people hanging out in the office.  Everyone should fee free to come and check it out, no matter who you are or whether or not you're interested in being a part of SG."

Favorite color:  Dark forest green
Favorite food:  I love tacos
Favorite song:  It's a tie between Andy, You're a Star by The Killers and If I'm James Dean than you're Audrey Hepburn by Sleeping with Sirens 
Career interest:  Forensic psychology




Student at Large - Jose Barela - "How I go involved in Student Government:  I became very active at the school, being editor in chief of the paper, being editor for the literary magazine and also being on 4 committees for the college; this lead to having many interactions with the student government."

"I participate as a student at large.  this means that I am unable to make the regular meetings, due to class or schedule conflicts, but would still like to have an effect on campus.  This affords me all of the opportunities and responsibilities of a senator, but I have no ability to cast votes, as I am not at the meetings."

"Mainly I act as a concerned individual that brings new topics or ideas to the government's attention, and similarly I represent the voice of the student government at any and all of the committees that I attend."

Favorite color:  Red
Favorite food:  Pickles
Favorite song:  Angel's Son by Sevendust
Career interest:  Mathematician

Senator and Photographer - Chris Dang - "How I got involved in Student Government?  I wanted to see what went on behind the scenes of the school and I wanted to help improve to the best of my abilities.  I help by working on committees and helping the studnets with any concerns they may have.  I am a senator.  My role is helping to provide input on issues and help students to the best of my abilities."

Favorite color:  Red
Favorite food:  Fried chicken
Favorite song:  Piano Man by Billy Joel
Career interest:  Computer Science

Senator - Angela Demling - " I was first introduced to Student Government years ago (2006-2007) by a lovely girl named Kristen whom I worked with in the President's office for my work-study.  I didn't become very involved at that time, but upon my return to Anoka-Ramsey in 2012 I immediately sought it out again ( the first meeting was literally on the first day of class, if I recall).  In the interim of my time off from school I became much more active politically and want to have the ability and platform from which to make a real difference for all students."

Favorite color:  Most shades of blue, green , and the various combinations of the two.
Favorite food:  "It's really difficult to narrow this one down because I'm a bit of a foodie, but sushi is probably the top contender.  Give me a good maki roll, a nice thick, fresh cut of sashimi (escolar is a fav), and a few uzura (quail egg) shots and I'm a happy camper.
Favorite song:  "Okay, this one is REALLY difficult for me as music is one of by biggest obsessions.  I have extremely eclectic tastes as one can easily see from taking a gander at my Pandora playlist (it is not at all unusual to hear Tool, Robin Ticke, Arctic Monkeys, Johnny Cash, Foghat, and Tchaikovsky play one right after the other).  If I HAD to name a favorite song, it'd probably be something by the Beatles."
Career interest:  "I'm really into the creative side of advertising, and no, not because of "Mad Men".  Over the years I've worked in various promotions and sales positions, from promotional modeling for Absolut Vodka and Verizon Wireless to club, concert, and music festival promotions, to hosting events at clubs, and so on.  After taking some courses for my degree I realized that something that I'd considered a fund way to make some quick money was something that could be translated into a legitimate career.  In a perfect world, someday I'll be working in the creative department of an ad agency rather than in the marketing department for some other kind of organization."

Senator - Brianna Hughes - "A friend dragged me to the government saying something about a "social life" and now I have one.  I stay because I like knowing what's going on at the school and participating in things."

Favorite color:  Aqua Marine
Favorite food:  "Well when my fake stomach enzmes are available (lactase) probably Chipotle when they'r not then I'm sad and avoid dairy like the plaque."
Favorite song:  "I was a band geek in high school, so I listen to whateve the heck I want.  It's impossible to choose a single favorite and I highly doub y'all want to read a horrendouly convoluated list of songs whose titles may or may not be in English."
Career interest:  Something with animal care.

Senator - Mackenzie Hunt - "I wasn't interested in Student Government at all until Goldie roped me in, then I realized how much I enjoyed everyone who participated as well as enjoyed helping others."

Favorite color:  Yellow
Favorite food:  Mangos
Favorite song:  Waiting Game by Banks
Career interest:  Geneticist

Senator - Braydon Mann - "Student Government at Anoka-Ramsey Community College has a lot of really cool, but crazy people.  I had a class with this guy who kept preaching about how "Student Government ensures the student's voices are heard by faculty, staff, administration, and legislation.  I asked him if they were still recruiting for this year, his eyes let up as he proclaimed "YES!".  That man was Thomas Berg."

"On the campus level, I perform your regular day-to-day duties as a regular senate member.  Beyond that, I run many of MSCSA's operations.  On the campus level, I am a regular senator.  But on the state level, I am the Public Relations Coordinator for the MSCSA.  A lot of my duties consist of publicizing some really cool stuff campuses through the state are doing."

Favorite food:  I suppose anything either Asian or Italian
Favorite song:  It's hard for me to choose my top 20 favorite songs.  Also, it depends on the day.
Career interest:  Music Journalism

Senator and Head of the Disability Affairs Committee - Zachariah Mayfarth - "How I got involved in Student Government:  I walked into the office ne day and never left:) I advocate for student rights all day every day, attend meetings as needed and anything else that the Student Governement needs.  I am a senator; I am head of the Disability Affairs Committee.  Alexis thinks that I rock, and I do."

Favorite color:  Green
Favorite food:  Pasta
Favorite song:  One Love
Career interest:  Liar - I mean lawyer

Student at Large - Bukola Oriola - "I got involved with the Student Government out of the passion to advocate for other students.  I participate throughout the year by attending meetings and some of the activities assigned by Student Government....I serve on the Advertising Committee."

Favorite food:  Eba
Favorite song:  Good Morning Jesus
Career interest:  Human Rights, Counseling, and social work

Senator - Gary Patterson - "I was currently the Vice President of another college when I was recruited by Thomas Berg and Brayden Mann to join the Anoka-Ramsey campus.  They showed me the quality of the Anoka-Ramsey college and it far exceeded my expectations.  I ran for the VP position here for the mere fact that I love my fellow students and there is nothing I wouldn't do or advocate for them."

Favorite color:  Black
Favorite food:  Bone in Ribeye
Favorite song:  Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin
Career interest:  I want to bring the world together and fight for equality.

Senator - Frederick Von Holthus - "Kevin Pakrer had a cigareete with me after my 8AM, he presented me with an opportunity to get involved, I was more than happy to take him up on the offer."

Favorite color:  Red
Favorite food:  Brazed Ribs
Favorite song:  De Crescendo in the Requium sequence by Mozart
Career interest:  Law

Senator - Mark Zownirowycz - "I watched over the past year and half of my friends were involved in Student Government, and I saw the difference they were trying to make in the school, so I talked to a few representatives from Studnet Governement this fall.  I just became a senator."

"I participate by going to meetings and keeping up with current events happening around the school.  I also take part in the Platform Committee reviewing over guidelines for school policies.  I officially am a part of the senate, so a lot of what I have done has been listening in to policies and if I were to feel the need I could express my opinion, and make my own voice count for the school."

Favorite color:  Green
Favorite food:  Alfredo Pasta
Favorite song:  All that I've Got by The Used
Career interest:  Social Work