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Important Dates & Deadlines

Financial Aid Disbursements & Billing

Financial Aid Disbursement
Financial aid will disburse to student accounts beginning the third Wednesday of the term. If the amount of financial aid received exceeds institutional charges, the credit balance overage will apply via direct deposit or mail within 14 days. Often, the credit balance overage is applied the third Friday of the term and each Friday thereafter. If the institutional charges exceed your financial aid, the financial aid will be credited to your acocunt and you must pay the remaining balance. 
Make sure your permanent address is current at all times with the Records Office of Anoka-Ramsey.
Direct Deposit: 

To have any excess financial aid funds direct deposited to your checking or savings account, complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form through e-services.

With direct deposit all student payroll checks, refunds and financial aid overage amounts are automatically deposited to your specified bank account using electronic funds transfer. Students who have signed up for direct deposit will no longer be issued paper checks. Direct deposit funds are available before any checks are issued.

You will need your bank routing number and account number. You can find this information on the bottom of your check or your savings deposit slip.

1. Login by entering your Id and password.
2. Select either "Financial Aid" or "Student Payroll" from the left hand menu.
3. Select "Direct Deposit Setup".
4. Select "ADD Direct Deposit Account".
5. Enter your bank account type, routing number and account number.
6. Re-enter your password and select "Save".


Third-Party Payment of Tuition, Fees & Books

Third party authorization refers to an outside agency or organization that has authorized (committed) to pay your tuition, fee and/or books. The college Business Office will bill these outside sources directly. To ensure that you will not be dropped for non-payment, all authorizations for third-party billings must be received by the Business Office prior to the tuition deadline.

Your College Schedule Should be Firm by 5th Day

Make sure your schedule is finalized by the 5th day of the semester (we include actual dates). Courses added after the 5th day will not be considered for Federal Pell Grant funds. Courses dropped after the 5th day may require repayment of your aid.

Financial Aid Award Refund/Return

Adding/Dropping Courses and failure to attend courses regularly may affect your financial aid award and may result in a refund/return.

Find out How to Pay Your Account Balance
Check Your College Account Balance & Financial Aid Status HERE
Important Dates