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Career Development



Career Development

Our Career Development class CAOR 1102 (2 credits) offers you the most comprehensive career exploration option and is designed to assist you in a systematic, step-by-step manner.


This course is designed to help students learn skills that will enable them to make satisfying career decisions. The goal is directed at expanding awareness of self and the world of work in order to make deliberate career choices throughout one's lifetime. The course will help students assess their interests, needs and abilities in order to recognize the many components that go into making career decisions.

What students say about Career Development:

"Every college student should have the chance to take this class. Many avenues have opened up for me career-wise because of all the exploration and research I did - and I really enjoyed doing my homework!"

"I really enjoyed this class. I wasn't aware there was so much career information available."

"I would recommend this class to everyone who is in college!"

Learner Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, the student should be able to:

   A.    Identify career development theories that use a systematic approach to life-long career decision-making.

   B.    Demonstrate an expanded understanding of self through the collection and application of information related to interests, skills, personality style, values and life stages.

   C.    Conduct career research by gathering factual information on the World of Work.

   D.    Locate and utilize occupational resources that can be used in individual career decision-making and goal setting.  

   E.    Utilize technological resources which apply to their personal and career development.

   F.    Analyze the logical connections between self information and the World of Work information.

   G.    Evaluate and make preliminary decisions regarding implementation of a realistic career plan.

   H.    Demonstrate knowledge of job search strategies such as researching job openings, writing a resume, interviewing for a job, and networking.


Major Areas of Course Content:

   Career Development Process

   Goal Setting


   Self Concept

   Self Assessments - Interests, Personality, Personal Values, Work Values, Skills

   Life roles

   World of Work Information

   Occupational Research

   Labor Market information