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Search online & print Periodical Indexes for academic journals, magazines & newspapers 

Periodical Databases (Magazines, Journals, Newspapers)  *Login= BC & Last Name

Academic Search Premier db (EbscoHost database)

Proquest Newspapers db (StarTrib, WSJ, NYT, LATimes, WashPost & others -- all fulltext)

Art Index HWWilson (EbscoHost db  Art jrnls & mags -- fulltext & Images)

Business Source Premier (EbscoHost db)

CINAHL Index to Nursing & Allied Health (EbscoHost db)

eHRAF World Cultures db (Anthropology)

ERIC Education Index db  (Select Advanced  >>Search lower left  (some fulltext) Check Thesaurus for search terms if needed)

JSTOR database  (Academic Jrnls in Music, Math, Soc & Philosophy)

PsycArticles (EbscoHost db   APA accredited journals -- all fulltext)

PSYC Journals  (Proquest db  Journals in the Social Sciences - International)

Historical Newspapers (Proquest db)

All EbscoHost databases (ASP, BUS, Art, Cinahl)

All Proquest databases (News, Psyc Jrnls, Hist News)

Video Databases

Films On Demand