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Student Network Account

Initialize Your Student Network Account

If you are a registered student and wish to login to a college computer, you will need to activate your StarID first;

  • From off campus, follow these instructions
  • On the Cambridge campus, visit one of our computer kiosk stations in F207
  • On the Coon Rapids campus, visit one of our computer kiosk stations in T124  

Logging in on Campus

After you have activated your StarID, you can login to a college computer:

  1. Simultaneously press Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys to open the login dialog box
  2. In the Username field, enter your StarID (Example: ab1234cd). 
  3. Enter your Password set when you activated your StarID.  If you forgot your password click Here
  4. Press Enter on the keyboard.
  5. Congratulations! You are now logged in—don’t forget your password.
Phone: 763-433-1510
Email: it.helpdesk@anokaramsey.edu
In Person:

Cambridge Campus, Rm. F207
Coon Rapids Campus Rm. T124