Registration Dates

Credit priority registration allows students who have previously attended or are currently attending Anoka-Ramsey Community College an opportunity to register prior to open registration. Credit priority registration is ONLINE

The number of credits you have successfully completed both at ARCC and in transfer determine your registration date as listed below:

Spring Semester 2015 (Spring Semester Tuition is Due:  December 18th, 2014)
Based on credits earned through Summer, 2014 semester

On or after Monday, November 3

Returning students with 30+ or more earned credits,
Veterans/FTA/ACCS/TRIO Students

On or after Tuesday, November 4 Returning students with 15+ earned credits 

On or after Wednesday, November 5

Currently enrollend students with 0 credits earned or recently admitted students who have completed placement testing and orientation. 

On or after Thursday, November 6 PSEO students - first semester PSEO students must register with Advisor assistnace during their orientation sission; after their first semester, PSEO students can register online after turning in the PSEO state form. 

On or after Friday, November 7

Open Registration Begins 

Summer Semester 2015 (Summer Semester Tuition is Due:  May 8, 2015)

On or after Monday, March 30

Returning students with 30+ earned credits, Veterans/FTA/ACCS students

On or after Tuesday, March 31 Currently enrolled students with 0 earned credits or recently admitted students who have completed placement testing and orientation.
On or after Wednesday, April 1 Open Registration Begins