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Alternative Credit Options

Credit for Prior Learning Self-Assessment

Credit for Prior Learning Self-Assessment

Find out if you are a candidate for ARCC’s Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Program by taking this simple assessment?
Do you have five or more years of experience that result in considerable technical skill or knowledge?

  1. Do you have classroom experiences that did not result in college credit?
  2. Have you received volunteer, work, military or other training that may be applied to learning credit?
  3. Do you have experiences that resulted in special recognition, licenses, awards and publications?
  4. Is your knowledge and/or skill current?
  5. Can your knowledge and/or skill be measured?
  6. In your previous work have you been exposed to a broad range of experiences?
  7. Do you have applicable knowledge and skills for a certificate or degree program at ARCC?
  8. Are you interested in assuming new professional goals?
  9. Give yourself two points for every question you were able to answer yes to, if you scored ten and above, make arrangements to submit a Credit for Prior Learning petition and meet with the CPL advisor today. 

How to Get Started with CPL?

Step 1: Complete the CPL candidate assessment
Step 2: Attend an information session provided by the office of CPL
Step 3: Submit the online CPL petition  to the office of CPL
Step 4: You are on your way to achieving an educational goal, celebrate!