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Submission Guidelines for 2013-2014 Issue

DEADLINE: Submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m., Friday, March 7 to be considered for publication.


  • “SRR Submission” in the email subject line

  • the writer or artist’s name

  • title of the work

  • genre of the work (poetry, short story, charcoal sketch, oil painting, etc.)

  • must identify person submitting the work as “Student,” “Faculty,” “Staff,” or “Alum.”


All creative writing submissions must be emailed as Microsoft Word attachments to Bill Breen at william.breen@anokaramsey.edu.

All visual art must be emailed as JPEG files to Marko Marian at marko.marian@anokaramsey.edu (or contact him to schedule a time to have your work photographed for submission). 

Poetry submissions may not exceed 75 lines. 

Short Story and Creative Non-Fiction submissions may not exceed 2,500 words.

Writers and artists may submit a total of 5 works 

It is assumed that all materials submitted for inclusion in the magazine are the work of, and under the sole ownership of, the person or persons submitting such items. 

The Editorial Board reserves the right to make final decisions on what shall be included and /or excluded from the issue as a whole. The Editorial Board also reserves the right to make editing changes in all copy submitted for inclusion, but will strive to maintain the integrity of such materials.