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Report A Concern

Thank you for visiting the CARE webpage at Anoka-Ramsey Community College!

This page is a resource for the Anoka-Ramsey Community College community to report concerns, Academic Integrity violations and Student Conduct Behavioral violations.  Below you will find the three areas outlined along with links to the appropriate reporting form.  If you are unsure which form is the appropriate form for your concern, the challenging situation rubric may be of assistance to you.  This rubric is used by the CARE team in reviewing reported concerns.

Challenging Situation Rubric


Anoka-Ramsey Community College CARE Team

The CARE team works with students to find solutions to academic, social and personal issues that may impact the potential for student success.  The program was created to work with the Anoka-Ramsey Community College community to identify and address areas of student concern before they negatively impact student success.  To report matters of student conduct or academic integrity, please complete the appropriate form below.

Submit a concern:  CARE Report

                                                                           Academic Integrity Violations                                                                          
This report form is available to report potential violation of Academic Integrity.  These may include plagiarism, cheating and aiding in plagiarism or cheating.  It is extremely important that documentation be included in this report whenever possible.  These reports are sent to the Dean of Student Affairs for review.

Submit a Violation of Academic Integrity:  Academic Integrity Violation form

                                                            Student Conduct Behavioral Violations                                                                       

This report form is for violations of the Student Conduct Code that are behavioral in nature.  This report can be filed by anyone within the Anoka-Ramsey Community College community. Policy 3.F.1 may be helpful as a resource when completing this form.  Submitted reports are sent to the Dean of Student Affairs for review.

Submit a Violation of Student Conduct Code:  Student Conduct Violation Reporting form