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Transportation Services

Vehicle Jump Starts for Students/College Employees 

The Coon Rapids Campus offers a free vehicle starting service to students. There is a fee of $20 for college employees (normally a $45 fee). For service call Highway 10 Mobil Station at:

  • 763-757-6789
  • Give your first name, location of your vehicle, and the vehicles description to the attendant. 
  • You are required to show your Student ID/Employee ID to the service company.
  • There is no vehicle starting service at the Cambridge Campus.

Vehicle Lock-outs

The Coon Rapids Police provide a vehicle unlock service by calling 763-427-1212.  There is a $19 charge for this service.

  • Provide the dispatcher with the location of your vehicle, including which lot your vehicle is in.
  • The dispatcher may also request your vehicle information, such as the make, model, color.
  • You will need to stay with your vehicle until an officer arrives. They will not service your vehicle if you are not present.