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Study Abroad Opportunities

Interested in earning credit in a different country? Explore the opportunities below!

Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad is a crucial part of a well-rounded undergraduate education. Our world is interconnected and in order to be successful, it is important to become a global citizen. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to build cross-cultural communication skills, achieve proficiency in a foreign language, develop new perspectives, experience personal growth, and develop important career and life skills.

Many four-year institutions are requiring or highly encouraging an international experience. 

Anoka-Ramsey Community College Programs


Anoka-Ramsey offers study abroad for students who wish to study in China through our sister college Zhaoqing University in Zhaoqing, China. Please contact Rita Newton at rita.newton@anokaramsey.edu for more information.

Costa Rica

Offered every spring semester. While studying Spanish, students also take two additional courses in environmental science, sociology or writing taught in English at the Instituto de Cultura y Lengua de Costaricense (ICLC) in Alajuela. Please contact Dale Omundson at dale.omundson@anokaramsey.edu or Joan McKearnan at joan.mckearnan@anokaramsey.edu for more information.

How many credits will I take?

For 2016, the program consists of 14 credits.

  • Spanish: 107 (Beg.  Sp. I); 108 (Beg. Sp. II); 207 (Inter. Sp. III); 208 (Inter. Sp. IV); or 295 (Special Topics) – Each class is 4 credits and fulfills MnTC Goal 8
  • SPAN 210 Culture of Costa Rica — 4 credits (MnTC Goals  6 & 8)
  • PSYC 280 Psychology of Adjustment — 3 credits (MnTC Goals 5 & 9)
  • ENGL 247 International Study of Literature — 3 credits (MnTC Goals 6 & 8)
You must enroll in a Spanish language class and the three other classes. Consult an Academic Advisor to make sure the courses are aligned with your academic plan.

Who teaches the classes?
The Spanish classes are taught by highly qualified native-speaking Spanish instructors. The typical class size for the Spanish classes is 4 students per teacher. The other courses are taught in English by faculty from MnSCU campuses.

Can I take online courses from another institution while in Costa Rica?
You can certainly take courses online from other institutions while in Costa Rica, but keep in mind that internet access may not be what you are used to. There is no guarantee you will have access at your home stay because internet connectivity is not as common as in the U.S. Students are allowed to access the internet at the school but during lunch break only. This means you might find your only access via an internet café. In addition, you will be busy with homework for the classes you are taking in the program. Also, it is nice to have some weekends free to travel.

What does the program cost?  How much will I need for personal expenses?
  • ICLC and homestay cost — approximately $4,700
  • Tuition and fees — approximately $2,600
  • Airfare — approximately $900
  • Personal expenditures — this depends on your lifestyle. At the low end it would consist of taxi fare to and from the school in Costa Rica, lunches and snacks, simple day-to-day costs, and a small amount of traveling. At this basic level, one could expect to spend $1,000 while in Costa Rica.  From there it depends on what you want to do. You can certainly spend more money on entertainment, purchases, and travel.  The more traveling you do while in Costa Rica, the greater your costs would be. It is, therefore, possible to spend $2,000 or more while there.
The costs of the program may be covered with financial aid, so plan ahead.

Short-Term Programs

Normandale Community College

Various locations and offerings

Scroll to the bottom for specific course information.

Riverland Community College 

London Dash

Offered odd numbered years only. 2 or 4 credits in Music or Theater.

Big Arts in the Big Apple

Two credits in humanities (THTR 2600 or MUSC 2600).

Rochester Community and Technical College


Earn up to 5 credits in only 10 days (plus pre-trip homework). SPAN 1001 Introduction to Hispanic Culture (3 credits) and SPAN 2111 Conversational Spanish (2 credits).


Three credits in Intercultural Communication.

Semester Programs

Lake Superior College



Mankato State University

Various locations and offerings

University of Wisconsin-River Falls


Fall, spring, and summer sessions. Live and study in a 300 year-old castle in Dalkeith, Scotland, six miles from Edinburgh. Cost approximately $7,800 including room and board, and tuition. Airfare is separate.


Experience China! Set in beautiful Hangzhou, Experience China provides a rich, cultural immersion with the comfort and safety of an organized and well-staffed international learning community.


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