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Writing Services: What We Do

What We Do

Tutors can help you with writing in any subject area and at any stage in the writing process, from brainstorming to a final draft. Our goal is to make you a better writer overall, not to "fix" an individual piece of writing. Writing services are not just for people struggling with writing; writers at any level can benefit from talking with a trained reader who can listen well and make suggestions.

What Writing Tutors Can Do

  • We will start by looking at the big issues (like thesis, organization, completeness, and clarity) and worry about other issues after those are in place.
  • We will work with you to find a way to express your ideas in your own words.
  • We will point out recurring errors in your paper and teach you how to fix them yourself.
  • We will coach you on basic grammar skills.
  • We can help you with papers for almost all subjects, not only for English class.
  • We can help you with in-text citations and writing a works cited page.

What Writing Tutors Do Not Do

  • Writing tutors are not professional editors--we will not simply "fix" the errors in your writing.
  • We will not tell you exactly how to say something.
  • We do not serve as a replacement for going to class. Use tutors as a resource along with your instructors, not instead of them.
  • We cannot predict what grade your essay will receive.
  • We cannot work on your essay without input from you: we expect you to be actively engaged in the tutoring session.

What You Should Do When You Visit a Writing Tutor

  • Come prepared. Bring a pencil, your assignment, a copy of your draft, and anything else related to the assignment.
  • Give yourself enough time. Come early enough that you have time to revise and edit your paper after your tutoring session. Leave at least one day before your paper is due (and more is better).
  • Be realistic. Our job is to teach you how to be a better writer overall, not to get you an A on the essay you bring to us.
  • Have some specific questions in mind. Let the tutor know which parts of your paper you would like help with.
  • Be respectful. Please turn off any electronics that may be disruptive during your tutoring session.
  • Be responsible. Remember that you are responsible for your own work; you are the one who gets the grade. Your grade should reflect your work. A tutor's help is only as good as the amount of effort you put into your essay and tutoring session.

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